When you’re visiting the Great White South, there are certain experiences than can take your adventure to the next level. Stepping off a Zodiac to go camping on the Antarctic Peninsula is undoubtedly one of them.

Fall asleep among the snow-capped mountains as you watch the colours of the night sky reflect off the ocean and surrounding glaciers. The only locals you’ll be sharing your home for the night with are the gentoo, adelie and chinstrap penguins who keep to themselves, nesting nearby.

What to expect

After you’ve finished dinner aboard the ship, travellers who have booked a camping experience will board Zodiacs and be guided by the expedition team to the Peninsula. They will stay with you overnight in case you need assistance with anything. After setting up camp, you’ll spend the night onshore (about 10 hours in total) before waking up to return to the ship for breakfast.

Booking in advance

Camping is offered on a selection of Intrepid’s Antarctic voyages, so we recommend booking ahead to secure your place. Camping in Antarctica is limited to 40–60 people per voyage.

Are you eligible?

Children between 12 and 18 years of age can participate only when accompanied by a parent or guardian, so it’s important to check the age requirement for your trip when you book.

What you'll need

Participants need to be prepared for Antarctic conditions and wear appropriate clothing when camping. This includes a hat, gloves, extra thick socks, a windproof and waterproof parka and pants. Intrepid will provide comfortable tents, insulating mats, warm sleeping bags and portable toilet facilities or you can choose to sleep in a bivvy bag.


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