What to drink in Cambodia

Cambodia offers a variety of ways to quench your thirst on hot and humid days. Just be aware that many are served with ice, which, while it's usually from a factory and therefore safe, you might want to skip if you've just arrived in the country and aren't sure of your stomach yet.  

Sweet iced coffee

Strong, sweet and super addictive, Cambodian iced coffee is beloved by both hardworking, early-rising locals and hungover backpackers stumbling out of hostels. Condensed milk softens the bitterness of Cambodian coffee and creates a rich, syrupy drink. But be warned, the combined strength of caffeine and sugar makes this a powerful beverage.

Fresh coconut

Drinking a fresh coconut is infinitely more satisfying than sipping the juice from a plastic bag (as it’s often served in Cambodia) and way better for the environment. You’ll see folks pulling carts piled with coconuts through the cities and provinces. Flag one down and they’ll slice the top off the fruit with a machete for the most refreshing drink you can get for the equivalent of around USD 1. They usually have a couple sitting on ice in a portable cooler, so ask for those.


There are three main brands of beer that dominate the local market: Anchor, Angkor and Cambodia. While foreign-owned craft breweries continue to pop up in the capital, these three (somewhat confusingly named) beers are the ones you’ll find in all the convenience stores, side-of-the-road shacks and local beer halls. Everyone has their favourite, but for the price (USD 0.50–1.50) they all hit the spot. Be aware that in Cambodian restaurants, beer is usually served on ice. 

Sugar cane juice

A refreshing pick-me-up that's perfect after a long day strolling markets and sightseeing, this green juice is made from freshly crushed sugar cane and served over ice (unless you ask the seller not to). It's very sweet but has a tangy aftertaste.  


Dehydration is no joke. Since the water quality varies in Cambodia, we recommend drinking only filtered water. Consider giving the planet (and Cambodia’s plastic-choked waterways) a break and bringing a reusable bottle or canteen that can be refilled as needed. Many hotels will have filtered water available, or you can bring purification tablets in case safe drinking water cannot be located. If you’re travelling with Intrepid your local leader will make sure you have access to filtered water.

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