When you first see the sun-drenched sands and crystal clear turquoise waters surrounding K'gari (Fraser Island), one of your first thoughts is going to be when can I jump in? As tempting as it may be, swimming in the sea on Fraser Island is off the cards as it's too dangerous. Powerful currents and sharks are just a few of the risks that make it unsafe. The only sea swimming you can do is in Champagne Pools, a set of natural pools made from volcanic rock. Plus, there are still plenty of gorgeous lakes and creeks that are safe for swimming. It’s important to know where you can swim and to be aware of the risks so you can enjoy your time on Fraser Island. 

Can you swim on Fraser Island beaches?

It's safe to swim in Fraser Island’s recommended swimming spots, but it is not safe to swim in the sea. There are many signs warning people to not enter the sea and you should respect them. Some of the risks of swimming in the sea include:

  • Powerful rip tides that can pull even the strongest swimmers out to sea

  • Large populations of sharks (including great whites and tiger sharks) live in the waters here

  • Fraser's waters are also home to Bluebottle and Irukandji jellyfish

  • No lifeguards patrol the beaches 

  • There is limited access to medical services on the island 

Where can you swim on Fraser Island?

While sea swimming is not recommended, take your pick of Fraser's abundant freshwater swimming spots including: 

  • Champagne Pools (sea swimming)

  • Eli Creek

  • Lake Wabby

  • Lake McKenzie

  • Wanghoolba Creek

  • Orange Creek

  • Lake Boomanjin

  • Ocean Lake

  • Lake Birrabeen

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