Rock out to the sweet sounds of your favorite musical genres at this epic Californian festival. 

Whether you’ve just finished trekking past giant sequoia trees on our extraordinary hike in Yosemite National Park tour or you’re about to hit the mountains for some spectacular scenery on our walking in California’s Sierra Nevada tour, stopping in at the Napa Valley’s BottleRock Music Festival will not only take your vacation to new heights but also send it off the charts. Featuring genres such as indie rock, reggae, pop, gospel, folk, and jazz, this festival is guaranteed to have you feeling upbeat thanks to its electric vibe and various on-site activities. 

What is the BottleRock Music Festival?

BottleRock Music Festival is the Napa Valley’s first large-scale music festival offering performances by the world’s biggest artists in a variety of genres. BottleRock has five main stages, as well as a VIP acoustic stage, and the popular culinary stage where internationally renowned chefs collaborate with a few of the famous performers. The festival this year is held on 27th – 29th May, running for three massive days and nights. To get the full experience, make sure you check out the on-site spa, the silent disco, and BottleRock’s very own club. 

Where is the BottleRock Music Festival? 

The BottleRock Music Festival is held in California’s Napa Valley region at the Napa Valley Expo, the same place it’s been held since its creation in 2013. While the original idea was to sell single-day tickets so organizers wouldn’t have to worry about things like parking and accommodation, public encouragement of a Rock ‘n’ Roll festival supported by local food and wine servings quickly increased, and the 3-day BottleRock Music Festival as we now know and love it was born. 

What to wear for the BottleRock Music Festival

While you can still go crazy with your outfit (it is a music festival after all), BottleRock festival-goers generally tone it down a bit when it comes to vibrant colors and eccentric accessories. The weather also comes into play here as it can get quite cold in the evenings so packing a light cardigan or jacket will go a long way in helping to keep you warm. If you’re still not sure, opt for either a flowy dress or jeans/shorts with a nice top/shirt and you can’t go wrong. 

What is the performer lineup for BottleRock in 2022? 

There are more than 75 musical artists scheduled to perform at BottleRock Music Festival in 2022. These artists cover a broad range of genres from reggae to pop and from heavy metal to country so there’s guaranteed to be a little something for all music lovers. Check out a small number of performers below:

  • P!nk
  • Twenty One Pilots
  • Metallica
  • Kygo
  • Luke Combs
  • Pitbull
  • Vance Joy
  • Alessia Cara

For the full list of performers, click here. 

Things to do at BottleRock

Musicians on stage at a music festival

Dance the night away to your favorite music

While there can be plenty of other things to do and look at, the main event at any festival is the music, and BottleRock does this very well. Featuring musical performers such as P!nk, Luke Combs, Metallica, and Kygo (among others), you’re guaranteed to find your kind of crowd. Whether you plan on moving around the 5 stages or like the idea of hanging out at just one, get ready for the musical adventure of a lifetime. 

A couple enjoying some of Napa Valley's local wine on a sunny day

Sip on some local (and tasty) Napa Valley wine

You can’t go to a festival in the Napa Valley and not sample some of its best produce, aka wine. Whether you prefer a crisp sauvignon blanc or love to sip on a pleasingly rich pinot noir, you can rest assured knowing you’ll never go thirsty at BottleRock. Chat to the sommeliers and wine experts on site to find the wine that’s right for you and let the full notes of your favourite drops enhance your festival experience. 

A group of people enjoying a glow in the dark light installation at a festival

Check out the art installations

But BottleRock’s not just about the music. Designed to you give a full imaginative and innovative experience, this music festival also features various artwork scattered throughout the grounds. From internationally renowned artists such as Jacques Lesec, Kopol Bonick, Laura Kimpton, and Zio Ziegler, treat your eyes to mesmerizing designs, beautiful sculptures, and captivating murals. 

Two festival goers enjoying a massage at an onsite spa

Stop in at the relaxing spa

If you want to take your festival experience to the next level, then you have to stop in at the spa. Located conveniently on-site, this haven for all things beauty and wellness gives you the opportunity to sparkle up your look, decorate your hands in henna, and even transform your hair into a braided masterpiece. After all, if you’re going to be dancing the days away, you have to look the part. 

BottleRock FAQs

There are a number of ways to get to the BottleRock Music Festival but the best transportation option largely depends on where you're traveling from and how much money you want to spend. BottleRock is selling bus tickets from major cities within the region including San Francisco, Oakland, Sonoma, and Palo Alto, so that's an option if you don't want to drive in. Ridesharing options are also available but expect long wait times and increased prices. Alternately, if you live close to the Napa region, you can also bike your way in with free bicycle parking at the event. 

Tickets to the BottleRock Music Festival can be as low as USD$206 but climb upwards of USD$550 depending on the type of ticket you're after e.g/single-day passes, three-day passes etc. The ticket cost also depends on whether you want general admission, VIP, or to purchase passes to the exclusive Skydeck. 

Figuring out what to pack for multiple-day festivals can be stressful so, to ensure you have the best time possible, we've put together a quick checklist of all the essentials you shouldn't forget:

  • reusable drink bottle
  • satchel/backpack/day bag 
  • cash 
  • beach towel or blanket (to sit on)
  • comfortable footwear
  • waterproof jacket/coat

There are no accommodation options at the festival grounds themselves but there are plenty of other options available to you including nearby hotels, rental properties, and camping grounds. When taking into account where you'd like to stay, it's also important to consider your means of transportation and whether the festival is easily accessible from your preferred accommodation option. 

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