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Food brings people together. It anchors you in the present moment. That’s why, years after a trip, you can still remember the taste of fresh, juicy olives in Greece or the fragrant smell of pho simmering on the stove in Vietnam. By pairing the classic grassroots Intrepid travel style with a focus on food, you’ll get up close and personal with the world's most exciting food cultures. It might be spoiling your tastebuds with flavour-filled curries in Sri Lanka, mastering the art of making soba noodles in Japan or sharing a meal with Buddhist monks in South Korea.

Created with the culinarily curious in mind, these are real, local experiences with a foodie twist: one part culture, one part adventure and three parts delicious. From bite-sized trips to gastronomic odysseys, we’ll get you munching, crunching, sipping and slurping just like the locals. Hungry?

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Explore the flavours of India. Be Open. Be Intrepid.

Must-try dishes around the world

Closeup of a plate of ceviche in Peru
Peru – ceviche

Ceviche is the unofficial national dish of Peru. It's made by marinating cubes of raw fish and seafood in lime juice, onions, salt and aji amarillo chilli peppers, and is served cold with sweet potato chunks, plantain chips and corn on the cob.

Paella served fresh in Spain
Spain – paella

This saffron-flavoured rice dish originated in Valencia hundreds of years ago when hungry servants would combine rice with leftovers from Moorish kings' lavish banquets. The dish varies across the regions, but the mixed version with chorizo, mussels and prawns is the most popular internationally.

Plate of different Indian of dishes curries and foods
India – thali

Struggling to choose just one curry? Fear not. A thali comprises several eye-popping dishes served on a large plate. The dishes typically include grains, lentils, vegetables or meat curries, chutney, raita, pickles and pappadum – creating the perfect balance of sweet, salty, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy flavours.

A plate of fresh cooked meats and cheeses at lunch in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Balkans – cured meats and cheeses

When travelling through the Balkans, treat your tastebuds to delicious charcuterie boards loaded with traditionally preserved meats, cheeses, vegetables and bread. Some of the most popular Balkan meats to try include cevapi (homemade grilled sausage), njeguši (dry-cured ham) and pljeskavica (Balkan burger).

Fresh bowl of khao soi in Thailand
Thailand – khao soi

There’s a whole world of Thai noodle dishes to discover beyond the obvious (and delicious!) pad thai. Khao soi is a chicken and coconut noodle soup from northern Thailand. It’s packed with vibrant aromatics and is served with crispy fried noodles, shallots and fresh lime wedges on top.

Man cooking Falafel in the markets in Bethlehem, Israel
Israel & Palestinian Territories – falafel

Considered to be Israel’s national dish, these balls of deliciousness (made with ground chickpeas, herbs and spices) are a must-try plant-based dish. They’re usually served on a platter or in a warm pita pocket filled with pickled vegetables, crunchy cabbage salad and generous lashings of creamy tahini sauce.

Where you can try authentic local food

Why choose us

Real, authentic experiences

We love the highlights, but for us, the real magic is found off the tourist trails. Our trips combine iconic sites with hidden gems that you’ll only discover with Intrepid. We’re talking mornings exploring the Taj Mahal, followed by a Mughlai cooking class with a passionate home cook.

Local expertise

Whether you’re perusing markets, hunting down the best street food bites or learning how to cook centuries-old family recipes at a homestay, there’s no better way to get the inside scoop on a destination – and its culinary traditions – than with an expert local leader by your side.

Small groups

Big coaches and flag-toting tour guides don’t cut it for us. With a maximum group size of 12, our groups blend in with the locals and have plenty of opportunities to interact with chefs, street food vendors and group leaders. It also means you can really connect with your fellow foodies.


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Italy Real Food Adventure

Diana · Traveled May 2024
My daughter and I just participated in the food tour of Italy. To say is was over the top, would be an underestimation. From the moment we arrived, the friendships took root. Our guide, Sebastian really was the one who made this trip extra special for us. His enthusiasm for the food and culture of Italy were second to none-thank you Sebastian for sharing your passion with us! Until next time!
Review submitted 12 May 2024

Italy Real Food Adventure

Mary · Traveled May 2024
Italian cooking tour was outstanding. Tastings of wine, olive oil, gelato, ragu and pasta making among other activities made me want more. Trip well organized. Absolutely 5 stars from start to finish.
Review submitted 12 May 2024

Italy Real Food Adventure

Sylvia · Traveled May 2024
Had a GREAT time! Beautiful locations, excellent food, and a guide who was knowledgeable and passionate about all our activities! Can't wait to go on another trip!
Review submitted 11 May 2024

Italy Real Food Adventure

Emily · Traveled May 2024
The Italy Real Food Adventure was one of the best weeks of my life. I had an incredible Leader and the best group of 12 to do the trip with from Australia, The U.S & Canada. It was the best to be surrounded by others who share the same passion for Italian food I do. Lastly the places we went to were just beautiful and the food was the most incredible food I’ve ever had in my life. I highly recommend this trip.
Review submitted 11 May 2024

Italy Real Food Adventure

Doug · Traveled May 2024
A wonderful trip exploring the food, culture and country of Italy. We had so much good food! We made pasta! Tasted and learned about Italian wines. Saw so many beautiful places. It was well planned and our trip leader was incredible! Highly recommended.
Review submitted 11 May 2024

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