Hawke's Bay is a stunning region full of breathtaking scenery and thirst-quenching wineries so it's no wonder it remains a popular destination for travellers from all over New Zealand. While Hawke's Bay welcomes tourists from both the North and the South Island, one of the more popular destinations to travel to Hawke's Bay from is Auckland. Due to both of these regions' geographical locations on the North Island, it's relatively easy to travel between the two with flying being the quickest option, driving being the most popular, and catching public transport being the cheapest. 

Flying from Auckland to Hawke's Bay

The quickest way to get from Auckland to Hawke's Bay is to fly. While Hawke's Bay's only airport, Napier Airport (NPE) is extremely small with only one terminal, there are multiple flights serviced by Air New Zealand leaving from Auckland Airport (AKL) daily. The total flight time is just over an hour (1 hour and 5 mins) and the cost of a ticket starts at around NZD$150. However, this price can go up depending on what time of the year you're travelling and how far in advance you prebook. 

Driving from Auckland to Hawke's Bay

Another popular option for getting from Auckland to Hawke's Bay is to drive. Not only does this option allow you to take in the beautiful New Zealand scenery right outside your window but it also gives you the opportunity to explore various stops and destinations along the way. While the distance between Auckland and Hawke's Bay is just over 400km, the journey will only take you around 5 hours, making for a manageable car ride. 

The highways in New Zealand are relatively well maintained and easy to navigate with large and bold signs showing you the way. It's also one of the cheapest options with the cost of fuel expected to be somewhere between NZD$83-NZD$118. 

Catching public transport from Auckland to Hawke's Bay

The cheapest but longest way to travel from Auckland to Hawke's bay is by catching public transport in the form of a bus. While there is no direct bus that will take you between these two destinations, you will only need to catch 2 buses throughout the journey so you're not too inconvenienced. You can catch the bus from a number of different locations in Auckland including the airport and various stops in Auckland's CBD, with the bus route taking you through Manukau and into Hastings in Hawke's Bay. 

If you wanted to get to Hawke's Bay by bus, the total travel time will be just under 9 hours (settle in for a long drive) but it will only cost you between NZD$60-NZD$100. If this is your only option then sit back, relax, and enjoy the spectacular North Island scenery as it unfurls before you. 

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