Weather in New Orleans

The weather in New Orleans is quite varied with temperatures differing depending on what season you're in. During the Winter and Fall seasons, heavy rain can be expected with 4 inches collected every month except October which sees about 3 inches. That's a lot of rain so if you're traveling to New Orleans during those seasons, pack your umbrella and a pair of appropriate wet weather shoes because chances are you'll need them! 

In the Summer and Spring seasons, New Orleans can still get quite warm with lots of sunny days throughout June, July, and August. The average temperature throughout the year is a warm 78°F so make sure you pack your sunscreen even if the weather looks overcast. 

What's the climate like in New Orleans? 

New Orleans has a very humid climate thanks to its proximity to large bodies of water. In fact, New Orleans is actually ranked number 1 for the highest level of humidity out of every American city. This means the air is likely to feel quite muggy and thick, especially in the Summer months with the average relative humidity sitting at around 76%. 

You can travel to New Orleans at any time of the year as it never gets too cold or too hot (even in Winter and Summer) but the months that enjoy the best, most even temperatures are February, March, April, and October (the sun happens to shine the most in October). These months would be good to travel in as there should be fewer crowds compared to those seen in the Summer months. 

One thing to be wary of when traveling to New Orleans is that hurricanes can form in the months from June to November (this is known as hurricane season). The chances of one materializing during your vacation are small but you should still be on the lookout for high winds, flooding, or even tornados. Follow all official advice if a hurricane does occur. 

Does it ever snow in New Orleans? 

It's very rare to see snow in New Orleans. Over the decades there have been reports of snowfall every 10 years or so but that's not enough to consider New Orleans a city that experiences snow on a regular basis. Out of the whole year, there's only a handful of days that are considered freezing with the temperature in Winter averaging around 61°F. 

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