What to drink in Singapore

Due to the incredibly hot and humid weather conditions in Singapore, chances are you're going to need a drink (or five) during your travels. Luckily, Singapore offers a wide range of tasty and refreshing local beverages ranging from an alcohol-filled Singapore Sling cocktail to a milky bubble tea to ensure you're properly hydrated. We've put together a list of our favourite drinks to try when in Singapore. Happy sipping! 

1. Singapore Sling 

Iconic as Marina Bay Sands or Gardens by the Bay when thinking of Singapore, this fruity cocktail originated all the way back in 1915 (approximately) by Chinese bartender Ngiam Tong Boon who was working at the Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore at the time. Fast forward about 100 years and it's still a much-loved, and now iconic, drink to sip on when staying in Singapore. Made with a combination of gin, cherry liqueur, Benedictine, lime juice, pineapple juice, sweet syrup, and club soda, this sparkling yet complex punch is sure to not only delight your tastebuds but also have them begging for more. 

2. Teh and kopi (tea and coffee) 

Singapore isn't alone in its obsession with these two warm beverages but they still remain some of the most famous and beloved drinks to have whilst in Singapore. You might be thinking, "how could anyone possibly drink warm beverages in a country that averages temperatures of 28°C"? and that's a perfectly valid question, however, you simply can't go past these caffeinated pick-me-ups. They're too tasty. Whether you prefer a traditional black coffee or want to try out the sweet 'Indian Teh Tarik', these beverages will have you buzzing for hours.  

3. Bubble tea

Bubble tea has taken the world by storm and the cosmopolitan city of Singapore is no different. Originally made in Taiwan, this milky sensation has quickly found its home among Singaporean teenagers thanks to its trendy look and fruity flavour. But this is one drink that actually tastes as good as it looks with tapioca balls adding a burst of something extra to your beverage. From the sweet, earthy flavour of matcha to the lighter, herbal taste of jasmine, sipping on a cold bubble tea is a must when you're in Singapore. 

4. Milo dinosaur 

The chances that you've heard of milo before are pretty high (unless you're from the United States), but the chances that you've heard of a milo dinosaur are considerably lower. What may be surprising to many travellers is that Singapore is milo-obsessed. While the original chocolatey drink can be found in convenience stores and minimarts, this new version of the drink (where a spoonful of undissolved milo is placed on the surface of the milky beverage) is taking Singaporeans by storm, popping up in hawker centres and McDonald's restaurants everywhere. Don't worry if you're over 12 years old, milo isn't just a drink for kids but also for adults who are kids-at-heart. 

5. Bandung (milkshake-like drink) 

This milky and rose syrupy beverage is one of the more popular drinks in Singapore and can be found in local cafes all over the country. While this pink coloured drink's flavour isn't for everyone, it does have high nutritional and medicinal properties so it's definitely worth trying when you're wandering the streets and find yourself in need of refreshment. 

6. Sugarcane juice 

Sugarcane juice can be found pretty much anywhere in the world but it's the quality of Singapore's sugarcanes that makes this drink different from all of the rest. Singapore's tropical climate is perfect for sugarcane growth and once you take a sip of this drink's subtle yet sweet flavour you'll instantly be able to tell why Singapore's sugarcane is considered the best of the best. But this drink doesn't just have a pleasing colour and refreshing flavour. It's also known to improve energy levels, cool down the body, and improve liver function. Drink up. 

7. Water 

Nothing will get you properly hydrated like some good ol' fashioned water and thankfully the water in Singapore is perfectly drinkable. While occasionally you might get some tap water that tastes a bit funny due to chlorination, generally it's safe for drinking. This means that instead of purchasing water from convenience stores or takeaway food places, you can take a reusable drink bottle with you wherever you go and refill it as needed. 

8. Tiger beer 

While you can get and drink Tiger beer in 60 countries all over the planet, there's nothing like sipping this domestically-brewed beer in its country of origin. Launching in 1932, this brew has captured the heart (and tastebuds) of locals and travellers alike with its pale, gold colour and its hoppy bitterness. Available to order from most restaurants and available to purchase from most supermarkets, you simply can't leave Singapore without making time for a Tiger beer. 

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