Explore Morocco’s many faces, from spice-filled souqs and historic mosques to seaside villages with excellent surf.

The aroma of spices and fragrant tagines; the colours of mosques covered in tiled mosaics; the sounds of haggling mixed with calls to prayer – Morocco is a chaotic and enticing feast for the senses. Its varied history has resulted in a unique blending of languages, cultures and traditions where locals alternate between English, French and Arabic and Roman ruins sit next to historic madrasas (Islamic schools). Far from just a maze of winding souqs and medinas, Morocco is also ripe with fantastic beaches, surf spots, fishing ports and coastal towns thanks to its extensive coastline that runs from the Atlantic all the way to the Mediterranean. Morocco is many things, best explored and then discussed over a pot of mint tea.

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Highlights of Morocco

Morocco Tangier Medina street view

Enter Africa through Tangier

The former stomping ground of literary greats like William Burroughs and Tennessee Williams, unique Tangier fires the imagination. A melting pot of cultures and influences, the gateway to Africa is undeniably gritty, but that’s part of the appeal. Explore the alleyways of the gated Kasbah, sip mint tea at a bohemian cafe or stroll the revitalised beach promenade.

Step back in time in Fes

Stroll through the iconic blue gate to enter Fes’s old medina, Fes el-Bali, and it feels like you’ve been transported a thousand years back in time. You’ll almost certainly get lost exploring the medieval labyrinth of bustling cafes, outdoor markets, domed hammams (steam baths), tiled fountains and historic mosques. It’s all part of the fun.

See blue in Chefchaouen

Tucked between two peaks in the Rif Mountains is Morocco’s stunning blue city. A pleasant contrast to the chaos of larger towns, Chefchaouen’s palette of blue and white buildings is not only calming, it makes for fantastic photos. Wander the uncrowded medina, go for a hillside hike or unwind at a cafe in Plaza Uta el-Hammam over a savoury tagine.

Excursions and experiences

  • While Tangier has plenty of cafes serving mint tea, Cafe Hafa is the most iconic – sip this Moroccan staple at the same place the Rolling Stones did.
  • Travel to Cap Spartel, Africa’s most north-western corner, to see the striking hilltop lighthouse that guards where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Explore the caves where Hercules was said to rest after his 12 Labours, the aptly named Caves of Hercules. Make sure your camera is charged so you can grab a snap of the window-like opening to the sea, famously shaped like the continent of Africa.
  • A local guide will make sure you see the best spots, and that you don’t get too lost exploring Tangier’s dizzying medina.

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