Moving around Queenstown is relatively easy and convenient as there are a whole heap of different transportation options available from walking to your destinations to hiring a car or catching a ride on the local bus system. 

Walking or cycling around Queenstown

Walking around Queenstown is a great option if you want to breathe some fresh air and take in the beautiful scenery. If you're staying in the town centre, walking is probably the easiest way to get around if your destination is also in the town centre as it's relatively small and won't take that much time to walk between locations. 

Cycling around Queenstown is another great option if you want to explore Queenstown's mountain trails and lush scenery further. There are a number of bike hire companies located in the town centre that'll fit you out with the right bike for you, whether you want to hire it for a leisurely ride or go mountain biking. 

Driving around Queenstown

If you travelled to Queenstown by car then getting around will be easy too as the traffic is relatively light at all times during the day (expect heavier traffic in peak periods), and the town centre offers suitable parking. 

If you flew into Queenstown but wish to hire a car on your arrival, this process is pretty straightforward as there are 9 different car rental companies for you to choose from at Queenstown airport. The cost of hiring a car depends on which car you choose and how long you need to hire it for but on average it costs roughly $36 per day. 

Catching public transport in Queenstown

Catching public transport is also a good option as the local bus system is clean, reliable and cheap, making it the ideal way to move around Queenstown. Queenstown's bus network is called Connectabus and operates throughout the town, stopping at all the major tourist attractions and suburbs. 

If you didn't want to hire a car, the bus is a good way to see some of Queenstown's neighbouring places such as the historic Arrowtown with its quaint yet vibrant atmosphere or the beautiful town of Millbrook. 

A bus is scheduled roughly every 20 minutes and runs between 7 am and 9 pm, with a fare only costing you NZ$4 for the whole day. If you know you're going to be using the bus network a lot, you can purchase a weekly pass for NZ$35 and it can be bought from the kiosk on Camp Street. 

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