What you pack for your Mexico tour will depend on where you are travelling to. Mexico City, for example, will be much cooler than the coastal areas thanks to its high altitude. In the winter it can drop down towards freezing at night while reaching 23°C (73°C) during the day, so it’s important to be prepared for both ends of the spectrum.

First and foremost, these are your two essentials no matter the time of year:

  1. A bathing suit for that warm blue water
  2. A pair of comfy pants to wear while gorging on taco, after taco, after taco

From December to April the country tends to be drier and cooler than the rest of the year. If you’re in Mexico City or Puebla, or any other high-altitude areas for that matter, you’ll be okay during the day with a light jumper, jeans, or even shorts, but will most likely need something warmer for the evenings as it can get very cold. See our Mexico weather page for more information on temperatures.

On the coasts, even in the winter months, it’s generally warm and you’ll get away with light clothing, though it’s best to pack a light jumper or jacket for the evenings.

During the summer most of Mexico, excluding the desert regions up north, experiences quite a lot of rain. It’ll be hot and humid so light clothing should suffice, but be sure to pack a waterproof jacket.

For inspiration on what to pack for your Mexico tour, have a read through Intrepid's ultimate packing list.

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