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Home to large populations of wildlife, rugged national parks, wetlands alive with birds and one of the world’s largest deltas, Botswana’s bounty of natural treasures is remarkable.

With winter sunshine, a temperate climate and golden sunsets, it’s no wonder most locals have beaming smiles - they’re surrounded by some of Mother Nature’s greatest triumphs.

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Botswana Highlights

William · Traveled May 2023
This trip provided highlight after highlight. We left feeling like we could never have put it all together ourselves - the magic of animals in the wild - countless ways to enjoy watching elephants!
Review submitted 12 May 2023

Experience Southern Africa

Christina · Traveled April 2023
I have done several tours with intrepid before and this was the best of them all. Highly recommended and definitely want to return to Africa. This trip made my heart sing.
Review submitted 15 May 2023

Premium Botswana

Aaron · Traveled April 2023
This trip is everything you think of when you think Africa. Can't recommend it enough.
Review submitted 05 May 2023

Premium Botswana

Chantal · Traveled April 2023
Our tour with Admore was well organized, knowledgeable and willing to answer any question. We always felt safe. The food was amazing (often having three courses of real food), we ate very well and were never ill. The accommodations were all very good and comfortable (be prepared for canvas sided cabins that are not air or insect tight; we tent in Canada and were comfortable with this). Chobe Safari Lodge (Kasane) and Chobe river Gondwana (Namibia) accommodations food and activities were excellent - these were our favorite. (If you need solid walls and tight windows to feel comfortable sleeping - the Chobe Safari Lodge in Kasane is for you.) We saw lots of wildlife with knowledgeable guides and drivers and enjoyed the viewing from the accommodation's porches and lounges as well. The bathtub at Nata Lodge cabins was a treat. The pools were all refreshingly cool after game drives in hot sunny weather. We were lucky with the salt pans drives, we saw the flamingos (excellent guide PK) and the meerkats (thankful for the spotter). The game viewing at Leopard Lodge was not as good as elsewhere (we would skip this location in hindsight to stay longer elsewhere) but the food and company were excellent. This tour was in the middle of our longer stay in Africa, our first time travelling to this continent (from Canada). It was late April and early May 2023. The Australians and New Zealanders in our group were all wonderful people. We also took in some day tours with other providers before and after the Intrepid tour, embracing recommendations from our accommodations and enjoyed each one (a sunset boat ride on Chobe river, a day trip to Victoria Falls, a half day tour of Soweto and a day tour to Pilanesberg National Park where we had an awesome leopard viewing). Last minute plans were very doable which we enjoyed (it was not peak season and tourism is not fully recovered from pandemic). Overall, it is an understatement to say we loved our vacation including this tour. We had so many amazing experiences. Thank you to all the local providers, our tour group leader Admore, the competent drivers, knowledgeable guides, and all the workers who made this vacation seamless and wonderful. You work and live in a fascinating place.
Review submitted 13 May 2023

Okavango Experience

Linzi · Traveled April 2023
Papy, Christian and Enock were amazing and looked after us so well. I had never been to Africa before, and as a solo female had been really nervous about going on this trip. I'm so glad I did! The days were sometimes really tiring, but the reward is worth it. We saw nature at it's absolute finest and it was awe inspiring. We were so well looked after by the crew, I always felt safe and welcome. I'd recommend this tour if you want to see beautiful nature, meet wonderful people and learn about different cultures, and if you want a bit of adventure.
Review submitted 07 May 2023

Botswana at a glance


    Gaborone (population 208,000)


    2.588 million




    English, Setswana


    (GMT+02:00) Windhoek




    Type D (Old British 3-pin) Type G (Irish/British 3-pin) Type M (see D)

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We're here to do good for people and the planet by creating positive change through the joy of travel.