Why we’re adding plant-based experiences to our Real Food Adventures

written by Intrepid Travel April 11, 2022
Intrepid India Real Food Adventure

Intrepid’s Real Food Adventures are back…with a twist. For the first time ever, all our food trips will now feature at least one extremely delicious plant-based experience. Hungry for more? Here’s what we’re serving up in 2022.

We first launched our Real Food Adventures back in 2013, with trips in Mexico, India, Vietnam, Spain and Turkey. They were so yum (and popular) that we added a few more. Now, we’re happy to say that food trips are back for 2022, bigger and tastier than ever.

We’ve got 21 refreshed and re-launched food adventures this year, all designed with one thing in mind: to help travellers experience the best local food on the planet. And for the first time ever, all Intrepid Real Food Adventures will feature at least one plant-based experience, so you can eat well and lower your footprint at the same time.

Here’s what’s on the menu for 2022.

Fresh foodie itineraries

We’ve added extra flavour to every Real Food Adventure this year. All our most popular food tours are back – like Sri Lanka, Japan, Mexico and Vietnam – but each one includes more bites, bars, breakfasts and local secrets than ever before. If you don’t know where to start, we’ve rounded up all our Real Food Adventures over here.

Plant-Based Experience in South Korea

Why plant-based experiences?

First, because they’re delicious (that’s a good reason). Second, because they’re better for the planet. In its latest report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said plant-based foods were one of the biggest opportunities when it comes to limiting climate change. In other words, the less meat you eat, the greener your tour.

Naturally, we decided that every Real Food Adventure should include at least one plant-based experience (preferably more than one, depending on your appetite), which makes it even easier to experience a world of local fruits, veggies, whole grains, seeds, nuts and legumes.

Where to find our favourite plant-based experience

From lettuce stalk kimchi in Korea to a mean Rajasthani curry in Jaipur, here’s what we’re eyeing off on our Real Food Adventures in 2022.

Eat kimchi in a South Korean temple

Our South Korea Food Adventure includes an overnight stay in a monastery in Gyeongju, where you’ll try traditional Buddhist plant-based cuisine. Think lettuce stalk kimchi, ash pepper pancakes with chilli paste, and rice wrapped in lotus leaves. Follow up with some chanting meditation or a martial arts class, if you’re keen.

Try the best hummus in Jerusalem

We know a spot in the Old City where the owners have been making hummus since 1930 (so they’re pros when it comes to chickpeas). They’ll serve up plenty of the good stuff, alongside olive oil, herbs, fresh pita bread, tomato, onion and cucumbers. Hummus addicts, this one’s definitely for you.

Get your fill of Amazigh cuisine in Morocco’s M’Goun Valley

On our Morocco Real Food Adventure, you’ll explore the remote M’Goun Valley, home to some of the freshest tomatoes, apples, walnuts, and figs around. Try a bit of everything over dinner with your Amazigh hosts and enjoy all of the plant-based soups, salads, and tagines. Did we mention that there’s plus plenty of couscous too?

Feast on veggie tamales in Oaxaca

Mexico is one of the best plant-based food destinations, and we know just the spot… There’s a restaurant that specialises in dishes from the Isthmus region of Oaxaca. Think gorditas, fresh tamales with huitlacoche, tlayudas and other seasonal fruits. Trust us, tacos are just the beginning…

Cook ker sangri in Jaipur 

Most of our Real Food Adventures include a cooking class (because you’ve got to impress your friends when you get home, right?) In India, you’ll be welcomed into your host’s home in Jaipur to learn how to make ker sangri, a delicious Rajasthani vegetarian curry made from ker tree berries. The best part? It’s ridiculously tasty. 

Enjoy tavche gravche in The Balkans

Food in the Balkans is usually all about flaky pastries, full-bodied wines, smoked meats, seafood and cheeses. But in the tiny village of Varvara, your hosts will cook a meal of tavche gravche, a classic Macedonian dish, made from baked beans and peppers. No spoilers, but you’ll also want to save room for dessert, too.

For more info about our Real Food Adventures, and plant-based experiences, head over here.

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