The best time to visit China is during the Spring or Autumn. The country experiences warm and dry weather during this period.

From the rugged mountain interior of Emei Shan to the glittering coastal city of Sanghai, China is home to a diverse range of landscapes.  The best time to visit depends entirely on which parts of the country you’ll be blessing with your presence, so we’ve broken it down by region below.

What’s the best time to visit China’s south?

If you’re visiting Guilin, Yangshuo, Hong Kong, Longji, Guangzhou or Shenzhen then you’re in China’s south.

Generally speaking, late autumn (September, October and November) is a great time to visit the south of China. The weather is mild, and rain is rarer than in the humid summer months. We’re talking 20°C (68°F) days perfect for getting active in the gorgeous countryside without overheating.

The later you go in the season, the fewer tourists you’ll be sharing the streets with. If you can handle slightly chilly mornings and nights, November is still tolerable weather-wise, but the bulk of the holiday crowd has cleared out.      

What’s the best time to visit the Chinese interior?

When we say ‘Chinese interior’ we’re referring to both inland and northern destinations like Xi’an, Turpar, Zhangye, Beijing, the Great Wall, Mt Qingcheng, Chengdu and Changping.

If you prefer to travel when the weather is warm, late spring and early summer might be the best time for you to visit the interior of the country. During May and June temperatures hover around 23°C (73°F) but the dust storms that plague early spring have normally settled down. 

Keep in mind that mountain regions like Emei Shan will likely be about 5°C (41°F) cooler than the rest of the interior.  

What’s the best time to visit China’s coast?

The coastal weather patterns of China apply not only to waterfront destinations like Shanghai, but also places like Xitang, Guangshou and Kaiping.

Monsoons hit the coast hard during late spring and early summer, causing heavy rainfall. However, the situation isn’t quite so dire outside of these few months.

Early spring, late summer, autumn and early winter are all great times to travel the coast. If you don’t mind rugging up, try for November or December, when crowds are thin but the temperature is still a manageable 9°C (48°F).  

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