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Tour details for those travelling with us to Indonesia

Intrepid Travel and The New Scientist take you on an exciting tour to witness one of the greatest spectacles in nature: a total solar eclipse. Travel to Indonesia where you will visit remote islands and experience the extraordinary culture and wildlife not forgetting the perfect location to view the eclipse itself.

Our itinerary (full details below) explores many varied aspects of the Indonesian archipelago from Komodo Dragons to volcanic landscapes and historic Spice Islands to tribal encounters. On the day of the eclipse we shall take the group across from Ternate to the neighbouring island of Tidore which is close to the centre line of the eclipse and will see over three minutes of totality. Viewing will be from the grounds of the Palace of the Sultan of Tidore.

Intrepid Travel has been running tours around the world for over 25 years and its astronomy team can draw on decades of experience in the planning and execution of tours to witness solar eclipses. During the three days in Ternate the tour will be accompanied by astronomer Dr John Mason, a highly respected expert on eclipses.


Indonesia Total Eclipse 2016

Prices from £4,915 for 16 days

Fly by scheduled airline from London

Welcome to Bali!

To the uninitiated, Bali might seem just like another popular tourist destination, but for anyone who visits its shores, it is impossible not to be touched by certain magic from the 'Island of the Gods'. The predominantly Hindu island gives visitors the chance to have a unique and fascinating cultural experience, while still being able to partake in any number of exciting or relaxing activities, like surfing, golf, massage and diving.

Bali is an island paradise, with lush rice field terraces, stunning volcano and lake views and beautiful beaches, but it is often the warmth and friendliness of the Balinese people, that make any stay on the island so memorable.

Bali has developed into a sophisticated tourist destination offering some of the most exclusive, award winning, hotels, restaurants and spas in the world, all of which are just a short drive from Bali's international airport.

Upon your arrival in Bali, you will be met and transferred to your hotel in Sanur area

Meal included                      None
Accommodation                    Prama Sanur Beach

In the morning after breakfast, depart from hotel for full day excursions of Rural Bali & Mount Batur. 

A warm welcome waits at a Balinese home, where a traditional light snack is served with Balinese coffee or tea.

Walk through the local farms to experience the real life of Balinese farmers working on the rice fields, learning more about the simple and traditional irrigation system called Subak, the process of rice growing, from planting the seedlings, to harvesting and even cooking the rice.

Next stop is Pura Kehen, constructed in the 13th century.  Stepping through the “Kori Agung” (stone capped gateway, there are elephant sculptures, which is unusual for a building of that age, as Bali was never home to its own elephants.

Once inside the temple, there is a small compound, which is guarded by a mythical ‘Naga’ (dragon), which has a magic stone inside it.  Apparently the stone glowed red hot once the site of the temple had been decided.

Following this fascinating local insight, continue to Kintamani, where you can enjoy lunch overlooking Mount Batur, an active volcano, and the picturesque Lake Batur, in the crater. After Kintamani back to hotel

Overnight at Sanur Beach Hotel

Meal included                      Breakfast and lunch
Accommodation                   Prama Sanur Beach

Breakfast at hotel and on the specified time, you will be picked up by our guide and takes you to the airport to catch your flight to Ende

Garuda Flight Denpasar to Ende (SUBEJCT TO CHANGE)

GA442 DPSKOE 0710 – 0855 Conex GA7038 KOEENE 1100 – 11.55

Upon arrival at Ende airport you will be met by your English-speaking guide and welcomed to the island of Flores. Transfer to your hotel in Ende for overnight

Meal included                      Breakfast
Accommodation                  Grand Wisata (Standard Room)

Your tour begins with the 2 hour road journey to Moni village. Lunch will be en-route at a local restaurant.

The drive to Moni is an attractive one and on the way you will have the opportunity to visit Wolotopo (if the road condition permits), a large village built on a steep hillside inhabited by Lionese people (member of the Lio tribe). The Lio still adhere strongly to traditional customs and a visit here will allow you an insight into local daily activities such as ikat weaving, a fascinating and complicated technique that is synonymous with this part of the world.

You will arrive in Moni in the afternoon and, after checking in to your accommodation, the rest of the day will be at your leisure. Tonight will be spent at an eco-lodge near Moni; set in valley beside a babbling river the lodge has excellent views of nearby Kelimutu Lake.  Please note: power at the lodge is provided by solar energy and can be somewhat erratic at times.

Meal included                     Breakfast, Lunch
Accommodation                  Specialty Lodging - Kelimutu Eco Lodge (Bungalow)

Your early morning wake-up call will be at approximately 04.30am in readiness for the drive to Kelimutu volcano to view the ‘three coloured lakes’. The drive will take approximately 45 minutes and is followed by a walk through woodland, arriving at the summit just before dawn.

The lakes are famous for their differing and changing colours. No one is sure of the exact reason the lakes periodically change colour, from red and brown to turquoise and green, but it is likely to be a result of chemical reactions between the minerals contained in the lake and perhaps triggered by volcanic gas activity.

Sunrise at the summit, overlooking the three crater lakes, is a magical experience and more than compensates for the early start. After plenty of time to admire the views, return to your lodge for breakfast before continuing your journey towards Bajawa.

En route, there will be the opportunity to make several stops including Nduaria market where you can discover many varieties of local fruit. Continue to the picturesque rice terraces of Detusoko just before stopping for lunch at a local restaurant.

The next point of interest is Penggajawa Beach, located on the southern coast of the island. Here you will have time to stroll along the attractive beach with its blue-hued pebbles and volcanic black sand.

Eventually, you will arrive in Bajawa for your overnight stay. Please note: Bajawa is a remote area with limited hotel options. We consider the Silverin Hotel to be the best hotel in the area and it has clean rooms with private bathrooms and hot and cold water and attractive views of Mount Inarie.

Meal included                     Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation                  2* Guesthouse - Silverin Hotel (Standard Room)

After an early morning start at around 06.00am, head to the village of Bena. This Ngada village is well known for its traditional houses and megalith-structured shrines located at the village centre. Known as ngadhu and bhaga this pair of shrines each represent one of the village’s two clans and honours their ancestors.  The village itself consists of two parallel rows of traditional high thatch-roofed houses and a visit to one will give an insight into the culture of the Ngada people that live here.

The attractive scenery of the area is best admired from the viewpoint at the far end of the village - it offers a panoramic view over Bena as well as Mount Inerie and the Sayu Sea.  From Bena, it’s a scenic drive to Ruteng, passing through the region of Aimere where you may see local people making palm wine – a local Florinese drink. Lunch will be en-route at a local restaurant.

This afternoon you will visit Ranamese Lake, which often has a layer of mist hovering over its 21 metre deep crater. At an altitude of 1,220 metres, this mountainous natural reserve shelters many colourful birds in its dense forests, including wild parrots.

Next stop is the limestone cave at Liang Bua which in 2003 was the site of the discovery of a potentially new species of homo genus, Homo floresiensis. Believed by locals to be the original inhabitants of the island, the origins of the ‘Hobbit man of Flores’ is a hotly debated subject.

Tonight’s accommodation will be in Ruteng at Santa Maria Monastery, a convent hotel. Simple but clean accommodation is provided in twin bedded rooms with en suite bathrooms with hot and cold running water. This hotel is, in our opinion, the best option in Ruteng.

Meal included                     Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation                   Santa Maria Monastery Hotel or similar

After breakfast, you will travel to the western-most part of Flores Island. En route you will visit the village of Ruteng Pu’u, one of the best places to see the traditional compang. Consisting of a round, stone platform surrounded by a circle of stones and traditional houses, the compang is the central venue for ceremonies and rituals. If you explore the east side of the village you may discover two tall traditional houses with spiked roofs, typical of this region.

Continue to Cara village for another spectacular rice field view. Situated on a small hill 17 kilometres west of Ruteng, here you can see the unique spiders-web pattern of the rice fields, known by locals as lingko fields.

Lunch will be at a local restaurant before arriving in Labuan Bajo.

Visit Batu Cermin ‘Mirror Cave’, located in a natural setting with an excellent panoramic view over the mainland and nearby islands.

Tonight you will overnight just outside of Labuan Bajo town centre.

Meal included                     Breakfast & lunch
Accommodation                  Bintang Flores Hotel

Breakfast at hotel and on the specified time transfer to the harbour to board the boat to Rinca Island. Track through typical dry forest on Rinca Island. The mix vegetation of Komodo National Park provides habitat and shade for different animals on the part.  Deer, buffaloes, pigs, wild board, long tail-macaque feed on various leaves, fruit, flowers, roots and grasses found in the park. Komodo dragons are top predator and all animals in the park are potential prey of Komodo dragons. Komodo dragons are scientifically described in 1912 as Varanus komodoensis – the largest monitor lizard in the world. A park ranger will lead the trek, and you can freshen up by swimming in Kambing island. Lunch will be provided on board, and there's a late afternoon cruise to Kalong Island to see thousands of bats flying out from their nest.

Meal included                     Breakfast; Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation                Boat

After breakfast, the safari will start by half an hour walk (2 km) to Banunggulung to see the Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. Komodo Island is also home to wild animals such as deer, wild boar, and birds too, such as sulphur-crested-cockatoo, megapode and collared kingfisher. A park ranger will lead this safari.

Cruise to Taka Kanawa Island with lunch on board. There is opportunity for snorkelling at “Pantai Merah” Pink Beach near the island. Continued to Taka Makassar to see the Manta rays (If the weather allows and nature permits!). Afternoon arrive in Kanawa Island

Meals included                   Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation                  Boat

Breakfast at boat, Enjoying the beautiful panorama of Kanawa including coral reef and colored fishes, continued to Bidadari Island, the island nearby Labuan Bajo and offer you the beautiful under water also white sandy beach.

After snorkeling and swimming cruise back to Labuan Bajo harbor, then transfer to local restaurant for lunch before catching flight to Bali

Garuda Flight Labuhan Bajo to Denpasar (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

GA7029 DPSLBJ 1625 – 1755


GA7027 DPSLBJ 1630 - 1800

Upon arrival in Bali meet and transfer to your hotel in Bali for overnight

Meals included                   Breakfast and Lunch
Accommodation                  Prama Sanur Beach (Deluxe Garden View)

On the specified time you will be picked up from hotel lobby and transfer to Bali airport for flight to Ternate.

Today we fly east from Bali across the archipelago to the spice island of Ternate.  Lying off the western side of the sprawling island of Halmahera, the ancient sultanates of Ternate and Tidore are islands rich with history and are visually spectacular with their near perfect volcanic cones enveloped in tropical forest.

The island’s rich and colourful history is the result of the spice trade and the enormous economic impact on them in the 16th and 17th century. At this time the islands were the world’s only source of cloves and the resulting spice trade made Ternate and Tidore’s sultans the most powerful rulers in the East Indies and brought the islands to the attention of the European powers of the time.  Battles between the powers eventually lead to Dutch control, a legacy that can be seen in the three fortresses built in the early years of the seventeenth century.

At the northern end of town the Sultans Palace (Keraton) contains a museum of artefacts from the reign of the sultans, a lineage that dates back to 1257.

Ternate feels like, and indeed is, a far outpost of Indonesia visited by few western tourists. When travelling to the Moluccan islands there is a real sense of heading off the beaten track. 

Accommodation                  Bela International (B)
Meals included                    Breakfast

Today you will have the option of taking a tour of the island (additional charge). Driving around the perimeter of the island you will see some of the scenic highlights of Ternate including Fort Toloko the first Portugese fort built in 1512, Batu Angus (literally Burnt Rock) where lava from a 300 year old flow can be seen either side of the road, Sulamadaha, a black sandy beach with views across to the neighbouring island of Hiri. At a view point above Danau Tolire we look upon the green waters of the crater-lake and beyond to Gamalama Volcano which dominates the island.

In the evening Dr John Mason will present a lecture in which he will give full details of the eclipse viewing location.

Accommodation                  Bela International (B)
Meals included                   Breakfast

An early start will be required on eclipse day as we will be travelling across to the island of Tidore to gain an additional 20 seconds of totality and enjoy a truly unique experience. Explorers will be chartering a ferry and then driving around this beautiful island to reach the small town of Soasio where we have an exclusive agreement to access the grounds of the Palace of the Sultan of Tidore. The Palace is set in a large and enclosed open space which is perfectly suited for the eclipse viewing. During the eclipse we will provide soft drinks, water, snacks, parasols and chairs and toilets.

Accommodation                  Bela International (B)
Meals included                   Breakfast

Today we fly back to Bali on a charter flight.

Upon arrival in Bali airport meet and greet with our representative and transfer to hotel in Bali

Meals included                    Breakfast
Accommodation                  Prama Sanur Beach (Deluxe Garden View)

Today is your last day in Bali, and at the specified time you will be picked up from the hotel lobby and transfered to the airport for your flight home

Meals included                    Breakfast

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