Yosemite National Park boasts fantastic scenery all year round and you’re bound to have an amazing time no matter when you visit. That said, the weather changes quite a bit from season to season and there are a few things to consider before you plan your trip. How do you cope with big crowds? Are there certain trails you want to do? Are you hoping to see the waterfalls at full blast? We’ve put together this guide to help you decide the best time to visit Yosemite. 

Average temperatures in Yosemite National Park

















May 73.4 42.8
June  82.4 50
July 89.6 55.4
August  89.6 55.4
September 84.2 50
October  71.6 41
November  57.2 32
December  48.2 26.6



Yosemite starts to come alive in the spring. The weather gets warmer, flowers start to bloom and most hiking trails are reopened once the snow melts. It’s also the best time to see Yosemite’s abundant waterfalls thanks to melting snowcaps and spring showers we know TLC said don’t go chasing waterfalls, but in this case, you definitely should. The rivers and creeks are also in full flow, making it a great time to hop into a river raft to brace the white water rapids. 


With hot days, loads of sunshine and the occasional shower, summer is when the crowds flock to Yosemite in the thousands. Don’t let this put you off too much, as you can still have an amazing trip in the peak season. It’s prime time for camping and all hiking trails are open. You can cool down in the gorgeous Cathedral Lakes or Tenaya Lakes, but most of the park’s waterfalls will be completely dry by August (best not to go chasing waterfalls this time). Summer is also an amazing time for all the wildflower lovers who'll find the Tuolumne Meadows filled with purple shooting stars, pussy toes and little elephant heads – it's a real treat for the eyes and the nose.


Yosemite isn’t as dramatic as other national parks in the fall because most of the trees are evergreen, but you can still find pockets of those gorgeous golden colours in Yosemite Valley and Wawona Meadows. The weather can be a little unpredictable but it’s generally still warm with cooler nights – perfect for hiking. The hiking trails are also less crowded and it’s easier to find accommodation as everyone heads home after their summer vacation.


Winter is a beautiful time in Yosemite with frost-coated trees, white peaks and blankets of snow in the valley – you might feel like you're standing in a Christmas snow globe. The big crowds are long gone and you’ll be able to explore the park and nature more intimately. Some roads and hiking trails are closed due to heavy snowfall but there’s still plenty to do. Go on a snowshoeing adventure, check out the slopes at Badger Pass and don’t miss the opportunity to see the frozen Yosemite Falls crack and plunge – we promise it's worth the early morning start. 

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