August in the United States means it's summertime and the livin' is easy.

If you're not fond of snow, ice, or rain, but the US is on your bucket list, August is the month to cross it off. While temps in the southern states can soar, places with notoriously long, cold, winters like Montana and Alaska are thawed, warm, and perfect for outdoor adventures. In the northern states, the summer season is short but sweet, and locals in Maine and the Pacific Northwest spend most days enjoying life alfresco. Trust us, it's as dreamy as it sounds.

Top 10 United States tours August 2024

Departing Days From USD
1 Aug 2024
Georgia History Trail to Nashville
8 3450
1 Aug 2024
Best of the South: Atlanta to New Orleans
14 6535
2 Aug 2024
San Francisco to Seattle
9 3990
2 Aug 2024
Yellowstone and Grand Teton Family Holiday
6 3845
3 Aug 2024
Western USA Family Holiday
8 3345
3 Aug 2024
Best of Montana
6 3575
3 Aug 2024
Best of Alaska
10 5715
4 Aug 2024
Yellowstone and Grand Tetons Adventure
6 3275
4 Aug 2024
Alaska Hike, Bike & Kayak
6 3425
4 Aug 2024
Real San Francisco to LA
Ages 18 to 29
13 3175
4 Aug 2024
Hiking in Yellowstone
5 3545
4 Aug 2024
Alaska Camping Adventure
8 2685
4 Aug 2024
Real Big Apple to Big Easy
Ages 18 to 29
10 3115
4 Aug 2024
Vegas to San Fran
6 1365
4 Aug 2024
Hiking in Denali National Park
6 3250
4 Aug 2024
Hiking in Yosemite National Park
5 2490
4 Aug 2024
Epic American West
Ages 18 to 29
16 4045
5 Aug 2024
Hike New Hampshire's Appalachian Trail and Presidential Peaks
4 1345
5 Aug 2024
Hiking and Camping in Rocky Mountain National Park
5 1935
5 Aug 2024
Hiking and Camping in Yellowstone
5 2065
5 Aug 2024
Hiking in the Grand Canyon: North & South Rims
5 2880
5 Aug 2024
Hiking the Best of Rocky Mountain National Park
5 2815
6 Aug 2024
Hiking and Camping in Zion
3 1445
6 Aug 2024
Western USA Highlights
18 5495
6 Aug 2024
Wild Western USA
11 2960
6 Aug 2024
LA to Vegas Adventure
5 1585
7 Aug 2024
Western USA National Parks Loop
5 2225
7 Aug 2024
Best of Western USA
10 4390
8 Aug 2024
Tennessee Music Trail to New Orleans
7 3285
8 Aug 2024
Zion Glamping Adventure
4 2270
10 Aug 2024
Hiking the Best of Yellowstone and Grand Tetons
5 3820
10 Aug 2024
Alaska Discovery
8 4045
10 Aug 2024
Utah Parks Circuit
8 2615
10 Aug 2024
Utah, Nevada & California
14 3950
11 Aug 2024
LA to Vegas: Grand National Parks
10 4690
11 Aug 2024
Best of California's National Parks
6 2300
11 Aug 2024
LA to San Fran: Ultimate National Parks
17 8430
11 Aug 2024
Hiking Washington's Olympic National Park and Mt Rainier
6 3860
15 Aug 2024
Hiking and Camping Yellowstone's Bechler River Traverse
5 1895
16 Aug 2024
Real California Coastal Road Trip
Ages 18 to 29
4 965
18 Aug 2024
South Dakota to Yellowstone Parks Explorer
6 3205
18 Aug 2024
Great American West
12 6650
19 Aug 2024
Hiking the Best of the Grand Canyon
3 1710
19 Aug 2024
Hike & Kayak Maine's Acadia National Park
5 2950
20 Aug 2024
Las Vegas to San Fran: Parks, Canyons, Valleys
8 4005
23 Aug 2024
Hiking Washington's Olympic National Park
3 1995
23 Aug 2024
Hiking and Backpacking North Carolina's Appalachian Trail
3 990
25 Aug 2024
Hiking and Camping in Utah
6 2185
25 Aug 2024
Hiking the Best of Vermont
5 2870
31 Aug 2024
Hiking Utah's National Parks
9 3800

August United States highlights

A lighthouse in Portland Maine glows at sunset

Be the 'main character' in coastal Maine

Mix a glossy magazine and a romance novel together , then add a dash of a Nancy Meyers film, and you've got yourself a coastal paradise; Maine in the summertime. Used to enduring long, cold winters, Mainers focus on spending the majority of their summers boating, sailing, and golfing...even enjoying most meals outdoors. Take part in a traditional clambake and indulge in fresh lobster (Maine lobster is the best), steamers, and corn on the cob, all cooked in seaweed over an open flame on the beach. Add a cool breeze, a linen shirt, and you're the star of the show.

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Mount Rainer towers at the end of a pine tree lined road in Washington State, USA

Go mountain spotting in the Pacific Northwest

Known for being rather dreary in the winter months, the Pacific Northwest truly shines in August. In Seattle, August has the lowest monthly rain days of the year, so you can expect gorgeous marine vistas featuring two impressive snow-capped mountain ranges–the Cascades and the Olympics. On a clear day from anywhere in the city, you can spot Washington's 6 signature peaks: Mt. Si, Mt. Olympus, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Baker, Mt. Adams, and the crowning glory, Mt. Rainier. Spend a few days here and you'll probably get used to hearing locals exclaim, "the mountains are out"!

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A cheerful yellow lifeguard tower looks out over turquoise water on Miami's South Beach

Beat the heat in Miami

Will Smith said it best–South Beach brings the heat. In August, temperatures in Miami hover around 32°C (90 °F), so not only is it wise to stick to the beach, it's incredibly fun too. South Beach is a notoriously fun party destination, so throw your judgments out the window and join the sun-worshippers on the sand for an afternoon of great people-watching. Just off the beach are tons of cocktail bars, art deco buildings, and luxury shopping locations to keep you busy until it's time to hit the clubs.

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A group of travelers on a sunny day exploring Denali National Park in Alaska

See the light in Alaska

In August, Alaska has a whopping 18 hours of daylight which means plenty of time for hiking, biking and kayaking in this great state of wilderness. Spot 39 species of mammals in Denali National Park including moose, black and grizzly bears, caribou, and Dall sheep, or float your kayak out into Ressurection Bay to see leaping salmon. You might see an Orca whale in the Kenai Fjords or a bald eagle soaring above the Toklat River. With so much sunlight, the opportunities are endless. Come on, sleep is for hibernating bears!

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