Towering over the plains of Tanzania, Mt Kilimanjaro reaches up to 5896m and is an epic destination for travellers looking for the challenge of a lifetime. It’s a big draw card for trekkers travelling in East Africa, since the climb itself doesn’t require any technical equipment. However, the altitude can cause complications, and many who attempt the summit are forced to turn around before reaching the ultimate lookout point across Africa. A Kilimanjaro holiday will most likely prove the adventure of a lifetime, but be ready for an extraordinary physical challenge.

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A holiday that takes in a Kilimanjaro climb is a serious undertaking. So you’ll need to do your research before booking to ensure this is the right experience for you. We’ve compiled all of the feedback from our past passengers who have climbed the mountain on an Intrepid trip, so you can read their reviews to get an idea of what the experience is really like.

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