Diversity and inclusion have always been at the forefront of everything we do.

Intrepid works with more than 1,250 staff and leaders from about 65 nationalities based in more than 40 offices all over the world. We know that our strength comes through our differences and the freedom everyone has to be themselves – locals, leaders and travellers alike.

Around 65% of our travellers are female, and 60% of our global staff are women, but most of our female staff work in our offices – which is something we've been working to change. When we first set a goal to double our number of female leaders back in 2017, we only had 154 female leaders around the world. In 2019, we were proud to reach our goal and by the start of 2020 we were working with 342 female leaders, globally.

In 2020, we put some new goals in place. We have committed to increasing employment opportunities for women in the travel industry. This includes increasing the number of female porters globally who assist travellers on mountain hikes in Tanzania, Peru and Nepal.

We're going to start reporting on the gender pay gap, so we can have more open conversations and put goals in place to address any issues. From 2020, we will have equal gender representation through our company spokespeople to ensure we are better reflecting the diversity of our people in public. 

We also know that we can have a huge and positive impact on our supply chain. As we work towards our next B Corp certification, we’ve committed to working with our 200 largest suppliers to reduce gender inequality, share best practice and mentoring.

Case study: female trip leaders in India


The Intrepid team in India have been particularly proactive in trying to improve the gender balance of their trip leaders. By specifically advertising for female applicants, creating Instagram and Facebook campaigns, putting up posters in beauticians and cafes, and asking staff to approach female friends, for the first time ever we have achieved a 50/50 gender split of new leaders in India. We now have a passionate group of female trip leaders who are ready to pave the way towards gender equality in the Indian tourism industry.

With the support of the Intrepid Group, they hope to inspire and empower other women to follow in their footsteps and chase their dreams. While we still have a long way to go, we’re committed to providing an environment that encourages people of all ages, physical abilities, cultures, races, religions, sexual orientations and genders to have the same opportunities. Our vision is to create the best travel experience ever – for everyone.

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