This one goes out to the adventurers.

To the women who wander, who get out there even if it means going first or going alone. To the women who focus less on falling and more on flying, who care deeply about making the world or even just their world better, who throw off imposed boundaries so they can set their own.  


These are the kinds of women you might meet on an Intrepid trip. 

Women in travel

‘It feels like the start of something big. The start of this industry opening up to more women, and women proving themselves worthy and able to work in the industry by themselves.’

- Dimpho Lesufi, Intrepid overland chef

This trailblazing all-women overland crew in southern Africa is challenging stereotypes and redefining adventure one breathtaking vista and heartwarming campfire tale at a time.
Sumitra Acharya, 27, leads Intrepid travellers on challenging, high-altitude treks throughout Nepal, proving women can do anything they put their minds to.

‘Lots of other male porters have said to me that you need to get married and relax on your husband’s money. They don't know me.’

- Sumitra Acharya, Intrepid leader

‘This mountain is hard, and I’m not going to give up. I want to show the mountain I can do it.’

- Asifiwe Makere, Intrepid leader

Meet Asifiwe, the trailblazing Intrepid leader who worked her way up the ranks to go from porter to lead guide taking travellers up Mt Kilimanjaro.
This trailblazing overland crew in southern Africa is challenging stereotypes and redefining adventure one breathtaking vista and heartwarming campfire tale at a time.

‘We are the eyes and ears of the reserve.’

- Leitah Mkhabela, Black Mamba

‘I had to learn a whole new skill set and adapt to a very different way of life, but ultimately, it was worth it to pursue my passion for nature, adventure and conservation.’

- Jenny Waack, Intrepid polar expedition leader

Three of Intrepid’s four Antarctica expedition leaders – Stephi, Jenny and Ida – share what it's like to lead over 200 adventurous spirits to one of the world’s most remote places.
In a country where more than 80 per cent of women in rural areas can’t read and write and aren’t encouraged to pursue education, Intrepid’s women leaders are effecting change.

‘We really wanted to have as many women as possible working with us.’

- Hala Benkhaldoun, Intrepid team member

Women who travel

Among wildlife that defies nature, Sinead discovered part of her evolution was to challenge societal norms in favour of embracing individuality and freedom how she saw fit.

‘The things I have chosen not to do have opened the door to the Amazon, scaling rocky ledges in the Andes, riding motorcycles through the countryside and trekking through the misty wilderness with a backpack of camping essentials.’

- Sinead Mulhern, Intrepid traveller

‘It was in those mountains in Peru that I could finally step back for the first time and look at my unexpected life event as something I could grow stronger from.’

- Lindsay Tuggle, Intrepid traveller

After a breakup changed everything, Lindsay took a detour and found the path to healing her heart in Peru’s Sacred Valley.
Visiting conservative countries can be daunting as a transgender traveller – even for globetrotting activist Aria.

‘The thought of travelling as a Black trans woman to a country with numerous anti-LGBTQ+ laws and attitudes presented a quiet fear that I couldn’t shake. And yet, I stubbornly thought to myself – if not now, then when?’

-Aria Sa'id Intrepid traveller

‘You don’t need things to be perfect and you don’t need to feel ready. You just need to take that first step and see what happens.’

- Morag Forbes,Intrepid traveller

After a life-changing accident, Morag worried she'd ever travel again, but was determined to find adventures at her own pace.
Facing guilt and anxiety, this mum of two and one-time world traveller decides to head abroad for the first time in years… on her own.

‘I’ve rooted myself in this adult life as a parent, bolted to the ground through an unshakeable need to shoot roots deep into the ground. You go. I’ll be here.’

- Heather Kang, Intrepid team member

‘I thought, if I don’t go now, I may never see the things I want to see.’

- Caroline Blakeney, Intrepid traveller

An Intrepid trip to Egypt was Caroline's first foray abroad in over two decades.
Twenty-five years after her first Intrepid trip, in India, she's just wrapped up her 50th in Bali. Perhaps the very definition of an Intrepid traveller, she's learned a lot along the way.

‘Go by yourself. Don't wait for others. My motto is work, save, travel, repeat.’

- Kerryn Deayton, Intrepid traveller

Intrepid Women's Expeditions

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