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Madagascar showcases the very best of our wild, weird but oh so wonderful world.

With biodiversity to rival the Galapagos Islands, towns of colonial magnificence, beautiful beaches of golden sand and a remarkable culture influenced by Europe, Africa and the East, Madagascar's rare riches are well worth discovering. Venture into national parks to experience profound moments in nature, mellow out on idyllic islands, stroll through heritage towns and spot quirky wildlife not found anywhere else on this earth.

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Madagascar tour reviews

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Madagascar Adventure

Esra · Traveled August 2023
It is an indisputable fact that Madagascar is the eight continent. The nature is otherworldly, most of the species are endemic to the island. Nowhere else on this earth you can come face to face with a lemur inches away from your face before he jumps & disappears like a ghost as the meaning of its name. Long roads with potholes, ever changing weather, even an occasional hotelly belly worths it. This is an island makes you think about the past, today & future all at the same time. Esra
Review submitted 01 Sep 2023

Madagascar Adventure

Kim · Traveled August 2023
I am a little disappointed not to see more wildlife !! hardly any birds :((
Review submitted 30 Aug 2023

Madagascar Adventure

Sahra · Traveled August 2023
It was an incredibly beautiful and impressive journey. Madagascar has so many different facets and is definitely worth a visit. The tour is very varied and includes a little bit of everything, relaxing on the boat, climbing over rocks in the Tsingy, spotting lemurs in the national park, relaxing on the beach..
Review submitted 28 Aug 2023

Madagascar Adventure

Kyeong-Sook · Traveled August 2023
Abject poverty, horrid pollution, constant swarms of beggars (especially the kids) are hard to deal with on a daily basis. This trip does offer some great hiking and trekking opportunities for people who are fit. Finding decent toilets while on roads was challenging, which probably is normal in many developing countries. Tour director was good at exposing the group to various cultural aspects of Madagascar. If you’re young and fit, ready for some raw experiences, this trip is good. Spotting lemurs, etc. was fun.
Review submitted 26 Aug 2023

Madagascar Adventure

Jenny · Traveled August 2023
The trip was stunning, the whale watching was magical, being in the rainforest in Ranomafana was tough but worth it(trekking stick could help). The visit in the Arboretum after the jungle was really worth it, before the night walk. We saw so many species of chameleons in such a short time. Tana is not the easiest place to navigate on your own, especially as a female, as people are very pore and a lot of kids will follow you begging. ATM's are available every few days, changing currency is more difficult!!
Review submitted 18 Aug 2023

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    French, Malagasy


    (GMT+03:00) Nairobi




    Type C (European 2-pin) Type D (Old British 3-pin) Type E (French 2-pin, female earth) Type J (Swiss 3-pin) Type K (Danish 3-pin)

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We're here to do good for people and the planet by creating positive change through the joy of travel.