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Things to drink in Greece

Walk the winding alleys of the Greek Islands and you'll hear donkeys braying, churchbells ringing out and shouts of 'yiamas'. This is the customary way to cheers 'to our health' and, with salty, suntanned skin and that holiday glow, you'll have never felt healthier. These are some of the drinks yiamas-t try during your Greece tour – and these are the meals you'll be pairing them with.


If you can make it out of the airport without having a glass of ouzo thrust in your face, you’re doing well – drinking ouzo is practically a religion in Greece. The aniseed spirit is as divisive among travellers as it is loved among locals – you either love it or hate it. But give it a chance, whatever you do, and try mixing it with ice cubes and water instead of shotting it in one go.

Greek coffee

Greek coffee is essentially the same thing as Turkish coffee. It’s brewed in a traditional pot known as a ‘briki’ and is an integral part of Greek culture. Wherever you go in Greece you’ll see people of all ages enjoying a coffee and an animated – sometimes very animated – discussion.


Raki is a popular spirit throughout the Balkans, Turkey and Greece. The Greeks also refer to it as tsipouro, or tsikoudia, and it’s particularly popular on the island of Crete, where the locals traditionally welcome guests to their home with a glass of the grape-based spirit.


Greece’s most famous domestic beer is as legendary as the name suggests. Plenty of people harbour fond memories of the unbeatable combination of a cold Mythos on a warm Greek night.

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