Pristine waters, picturesque villages and Roman ruins – sailing the Mediterranean offers everything you can imagine and then some.

Cruising around the rugged Italian coastline, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve somehow stumbled onto the set of a Brigitte Bardot movie. If you're looking for an Italy travel experience where you can sail past the pastel-colored villages of the Amalfi Coast, rub shoulders with the locals while drinking martinis on the famous Isle of Capri, or hot-foot it to Pompeii to learn about its explosive past, you've come to the right place. While the cerulean waters and heavenly sunshine will tempt you to laze around on deck all day, with so much to see and do you won’t want to stay put!

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8 Days From 1444

Set sail across the clear blue waters of Sardinia and Corsica, exploring the Maddalena...

8 Days From 1659

Sail Italy’s Amalfi Coast, exploring the Bay of Naples, Pompeii, Capri, Amalfi and...

5 Days From 970

Explore the Amalfi Coast on board a real yacht on this idyllic small group adventure in...

4 Days From 761

Sail Italy’s Amalfi Coast from the colourful village of Procida, through ancient worlds...

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Highlights of Italy sailing 

The Blue Grotto in Capri.

Capri's Blue Grotto

Perhaps the Isle of Capri’s most alluring attraction is the iridescent Blue Grotto (or ‘Grotta Azzurra’ to the locals). When sunlight passes through this natural underwater cavity, it creates a stunning blue reflection that illuminates the cavern. Only accessible when the tide is calm, it is an enigmatic and dazzling experience you won’t want to miss.

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Amalfi's charming port towns.


It’s easy to see why the entire Amalfi Coast was named after this gorgeous gem. Wandering through Amalfi’s clusters of pastel-washed dwellings set atop steep cliffs makes for a thoroughly enchanting afternoon. However, Amalfi offers more than just pretty sights. The historic centre of town, the Piazza del Duomo is a must-see, as are the various paper-mills showcasing the town’s industrious history.

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Taste authentic Limoncello in Sorrento.


It would be a colossal injustice to visit Sorrento and leave without sampling its world-famous Limoncello. Made from alcohol, sugar, water and lush lemon rinds – of a size only found only in Sorrento – this Italian digestivo is a tangy and refreshing experience in itself. Perhaps the best thing about this liquor is the colourful characters who have been making it for centuries (who are more than eager to share the tricks of their trade).

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The Aragonese Castle in Ischia.


Sitting pretty in the Gulf of Naples, the island of Ischia is essential on any sailing adventure in Italy. It has a rich volcanic past – unsurprising given is sits in the shadow of the looming Mt Vesuvius – and visitors can unwind in the various ocean hot springs dotted around the island. Spiaggia dei Pescatori (or Fisherman’s Beach), with its picturesque views of the Aragonese Castle, is our pick for the best beach on offer.

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Our boats

The Bavaria 50

Bavaria 50

The Bavaria 50, despite its German name, will be your Italian home during your sailing adventure. It’s a classic monohull – meaning it has a single hull – but you’ll find there’s plenty of room to spread out. Below deck, the saloon has a large u-shape lounge which can easily seat 10 of your sailing mates. The galley is light and airy thanks to skylights and hatches.  There are four cabins, with a choice of double or twin bunk cabins and three bathrooms.

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