Asian food in all its sweet and sour glory continues to influence world cuisine. Ginger, cinnamon, pepper and turmeric were the stuff of legend in the 1600s, and sticky stir-fries, fragrant curries and juicy dumplings have all made their mark on today’s global palate. But nothing beats the real thing, fresh from the wok. Come with us on a food tour through the night markets of Thailand, chaotic Vietnamese beer halls and the delicate teahouses of Japan. One tip? Pack stretchy pants. 

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Chinese food is very different to Western food. There is a big variety depending on the province you visit. In the north-west, people eat a lot of kebabs, while in Beijing there’s a lot of savoury and less spicy food. In southern China, there is not much spice either but a lot of dim sums and snacks. Every region is quite different.

– Jane, China


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