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Hungerlust is a real thing. A pho bar in Hanoi, the freshest pizza in Venice or Buenos Aires' best BBQ– great meals are the moments that tend to stick in the mind. Book any Real Food Adventure before June 15th and we’ll take 10% OFF. Get in quick – these offers won’t stay hot for long.

#Intrepid Eats Contest

  1. Snap a photo of your best foodie moment
  2. Tag it with #IntrepidEats
  3. Post on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or upload it in the form to the right
  4. Check out the video below to see what you could win

The winner gets two spots on our Real Food Adventure to Vietnam with round trip airfare included! All photos must be submit by May 31st.

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Meet the judges

Perennial Plate

Some people are lucky enough to get to travel the world for a living. Two such souls are chef and activist, Daniel Klein and filmmaker Mirra Fine. Collectively known as The Perennial Plate, the couple travel the world exploring the wonders, complexities and stories behind the ever more connected global food system.

BrokeAss Gourmet

Gabi Moskowitz is the editor-in-chief of the nationally-acclaimed blog BrokeAss Gourmet and author of The BrokeAss Gourmet Cookbook (May 2012) and Pizza Dough: 100 Delicious, Unexpected Recipes (November 2013). She is currently at work on Young and Hungry, on ABC Family, based on her life and writing.

The Bookery Cook

We are three sisters (Jessie, Maxie & Georgie) who like to cook, entertain and hang out together.We’ve lived together on and off our whole lives, in different parts of the globe, and the kitchen has always been the centre of the action. We’re into exploring how food and form fit together.


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