North America

Top highlights of North America

  • Enjoy the cosmopolitan buzz of San Francisco and the Bay Area
  • Camp on the shores of Lake Tahoe in the mighty Yosemite
  • Discover the brooding Joshua Tree National Park
  • Spot celebrities in LA's iconic Hollywood
  • Feel the electric energy of Las Vegas
  • Marvel at the Grand Canyon
  • Be dazzled by desert hues in Death Valley
  • Listen to country tunes in Nashville
  • Visit Memphis, the home of the King
  • Explore Washington DC's iconic monuments
  • Be awed by New York's massive metropolis
  • Witness the magic of Niagara Falls
  • Discover beachside bliss in sunny Florida
  • Feel the French vibes of Montreal
  • Hike through the Rockies' stunning valleys
  • Spot whales off Alaska's rugged coast
  • Stroll the streets of vibrant Vancouver
  • Chill out on the famous beaches of Playa del Carmen
  • See the impressive ruins of Chichen Itza
  • Toe-tap to a mariachi band in Mexico City

Travel to North America with Intrepid

21.1 million people live in Mexico City, almost twice the entire population of Greece

A continent that's never afraid to speak its mind, North America is big, bold and full of surprises. As LA's epic urban sprawl and New York's monstrous metropolis give way to blockbuster national parks and star-spangled southern towns, this is a destination stuffed full of essential experiences and mind bending must-sees. Alaskan icebergs, riveting canyons, and man-made marvels feature in the land of the red, white and blue; a nation of bountiful snowfields and cosmopolitan cities thrive in the heart of the great outdoors in Canada; ancient cultures, spicy food and warm people await in vibrant Mexico; rainforests, weird wildlife and colourful people abound in Costa Rica; and along with the tranquil waters and laidback vibe of the Caribbean, this continent's countries combines to provide a feast for the senses. Never boring, always enlightening, North America fits the bill - a truly massive destination that oozes unique character and charm.

Destinations in North America