Has meeting a travel buddy changed your life?

Meeting new travel friends in Mexico

Do you have an interesting story to tell about a friendship that started on an Intrepid adventure? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

It’s fantastic to find out about like-minded travellers who have hooked up on our trips. Did you meet a great travel mate, was it the beginning of a lifelong friendship, or was it more than that?

Please drop us a line with your short story and a picture at intrepidexpress@intrepidtravel.com.

The best story about a travel friendship will receive a AU$1000 Intrepid Travel voucher for you and your buddy!

We’ll also be looking to share your story with the media and our social media community, so before you send us your travel tales please make sure it’s your own work and you’re happy to give us permission to publish.

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Sue Elliot - Like many of us, Sue contracted a serious travel bug at an early age. She's visited over 90 countries in search of a cure, but her wanderlust just seems to get worse. Thankfully at Intrepid Travel she's amongst people who understand the affliction and since 1998 Sue has enjoyed being our blog and newsletter editor. Here you'll find helpful travel advice and inspiring tales from Sue and other Intrepid travellers.

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I met a couple of Brits on my first overseas trip (Zimbabwe). They were flatmates and I was travelling solo. I invited myself on one of their planned excursions that I didn’t want to do on my own. I ended up being mugged, losing my passport in the process. Although they didn’t know me, they stuck by me, supported me, gave advice and eventually went to pick up my found passport for me. When I arrived in the UK a few weeks later, they gave me a place to stay (twice). 20+ years later, they’re married and we’re still firm friends. My life would be so much poorer without them in it.

Jess, I love your story!


My partner and I travelled Vietnam on an intrepid tour, we met 3 beautiful people that we remain great friends with, one of those is Dee, she lives in Queensland and we live in Tasmania. We often catch up when she is in Tassie, and we are planning to visit her in Queensland one day soon. She is one of the most beautiful people i have ever met, so kind and caring. Very, very lucky to have met her, can not thank Intrepid enough 🙂

Hi Kate,
Lovely to read about when you met special friends in Vietnam. To enter the competition it will be great to email your story to intrepidexpress@intrepidtravel.com.
Best wishes,
Sue, Intrepid Express Editor


I met my very good friend Ange on my last night of a 6 month travel extravaganza in South America 18 years ago. I had just arrived alone and checked into a Bogota hostel as I had a homeward bound flight next morning. I popped into the common room to have a chat and pass the time, but before I knew it the whole place was partying. Being young(er) I didn’t stop for a minute to think it through and joined in. I met loads of people including Ange who was with her boyfriend of the time. They were living/travelling in Colombia. The night was fun and pretty crazy. About 5am I went to sort my stuff out and Ange said she had had a row with her boyfriend and she was going to come back to the UK too. We jumped in a taxi (with the boyfriend clinging to the bonnet I seem to remember) and headed off for the airport.
Airbound, half way back to the UK, we woke up and looked at each other and thought Shoot, or similar. Obviously her reaction was more outraged than mine – I had always planned to get on that flight! When we arrived in London, looking slightly bedraggled, my sister was waiting. I said, ‘Can Ange come and stay? I met her last night in Bogota but I know she is great. Don’t worry about it!’ As she is much more sensible than me, she did look pretty worried but agreed.
Ange didn’t see her boyfriend for the next 6 months until they could get the money to be in the same country again! I saw her regularly in London that year and we were firm friends, but eventually she went back to Australia. We always kept in touch, still do. In fact we spent the Millenium together in Byron Bay and she was one of 10 people at my wedding in Sydney a few years back.
Sometimes you meet someone and you know you will be friends forever. That’s the way it is.

That’s amazing Jess! I hope to have a similar experience as you one day! 🙂

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