What’s your Intrepid story?

sally johnson at angkor wat in cambodia

We get such a buzz when we hear from travellers who have had life-changing experiences while on the road with Intrepid.

We receive emails with heart-warming, uplifting and inspiring stories about people who had an amazing chance encounter, struck up a lasting friendship with someone who lives on the other side of the world, or even met their husband or wife on an Intrepid tour! We read about people who were inspired to change their career, some who found a new focus and those who accomplished something they never thought was possible.

Every time we hear these tales, we’re motivated to get out there and see more of this incredible planet. So we’d love to hear more of your stories!

If you’ve had a life-changing moment while travelling with Intrepid, which you’d be happy to share through our Intrepid blog or in the media, we would be thrilled to hear from you.

Drop us a line at intrepidexpress@intrepidtravel.com with your name, age, which country you live in, and a brief outline of what made your trip so special.

Got a story but not sure where to begin? Check out these great travel writing tips from MatadorU’s David Miller.

Photo by Sally Johnson

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Sue Elliot - Like many of us, Sue contracted a serious travel bug at an early age. She's visited over 90 countries in search of a cure, but her wanderlust just seems to get worse. Thankfully at Intrepid Travel she's amongst people who understand the affliction and since 1998 Sue has enjoyed being our blog and newsletter editor. Here you'll find helpful travel advice and inspiring tales from Sue and other Intrepid travellers.

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Thanks for your comment. “Remarkable moments” make great stories too – while you might not think that your adventures have been “life-changing”, to someone else they could be the most incredible thing ever 🙂
Best wishes,
Sue, Intrepid Express Editor


cool idea. I had some remarkable momoents while on the road, but nothing I can tag as life changing

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