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video camera fun with kids in borneoIntrepid has long suspected that travel helps change the world and now we have the proof! We recently surveyed people who have donated to The Intrepid Foundation over the last 12 months* and almost 60% of respondents said that travelling in the country of the organisation they donated to was a big influence in them donating to The Intrepid Foundation.

An anonymous respondent puts it best, “Witnessing first-hand the huge difference that our support makes to the lives of young people and those most in need gives you a sense of ‘doing something right’ for our fellow human kind.”

And it seems that donors aren’t solely giving for the feel good factor that comes from knowing they’ve made a difference. They genuinely want to know that 100% of their money will make it to the organisation they’ve donated to. It’s hardly surprising then that 85% of respondents said that Intrepid Travel paying all the administration costs of The Intrepid Foundation was the biggest influence in encouraging them to donate.

As Janet said: “I believe that by supporting Intrepid all the money I donate will directly benefit a disadvantaged person, rather than mostly going to administrative costs as with other organisations.”

Furthermore, a belief that Intrepid would only support well run, worthwhile organisations was the second biggest influence (78%) and Intrepid Travel matching donations dollar for dollar came in as the third biggest influence (70%).

“I like the idea that my small donation to CHIA in Vietnam is matched dollar for dollar by Intrepid. I don’t have a lot of spare cash, but a $50 donation by myself suddenly is converted to $100 and $100 goes a long way in Vietnam,” said one donor, Linda from Australia.

* The survey was conducted by Intrepid Travel on behalf of The Intrepid Foundation in July 2012. The survey was sent to 500 people who had donated to The Intrepid Foundation over the previous 12 months. 145 people responded.

The Intrepid Foundation – travellers making a difference
You can help support many great grassroots organisations via the Intrepid Foundation, plus find out how your donation can be matched* by Intrepid Travel!

* Donations will be matched by Intrepid Travel up to AU$5000 (or equivalent) per donor and a total of AU$400,000 each financial year.

* photo by Heidi Linehan – Intrepid Photography Competition

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