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kids in peru being helped by living heartIt’s always so encouraging to hear how support from Intrepid travellers and The Intrepid Foundation has been making a positive difference. In the Sacred Valley area of Peru we’ve helped provide health and nutritional support for disadvantaged communities via the terrific organisation, Living Heart. Sonia Newhouse, Founder and President of Living Heart, has recently shared lots of positive news…

“Just seeing the energy of these previously lethargic kids when they run circles around you in the playground is enough to fire us up to more action. This month we plan to provide hot breakfasts to yet another community, on top of our 4 communities that currently receive 2 meals a day. We’re currently making the first tentative steps towards what we hope will be a large-scale greenhouse project in the communities to grow more fresh produce. We are also on the lookout for a donation of contraceptive injections to re-start our widely-requested birth control project.

It’s winter in Peru and the Andean cold is unforgiving. We were kindly donated a large amount of second-hand clothes from tourists leaving Cuzco, which we handed out to the freezing kids in our schools. We even had enough left to give some to their parents too! When you wear sandals and a skirt in biting winds and sub-zero temperatures, never underestimate the value of a warm jacket. Travelling in Cuzco and sick of carrying that heavy backpack? Unload some of your stuff and send it our way! Get in touch for where we collect clothes.

Thanks so much to Laurie and Steve for funding a much-needed fuel-efficient cooker in one of our highland communities. Skilfully-installed by local expert Sr Tomas, the stove means that the women cooking will not suffer from inhaling so much smoke and the wood will go much further. One more giant step in the right direction for our food program!

What would YOU do with 30 cents or 22p? That’s one Nuevo sol in Peruvian money. Living Heart uses one Nuevo sol every single day of the school year to feed each of 300 malnourished Andean children. Your money can go a long way with us and Intrepid will double it when you send it via their Foundation.

Over the years in Hearts Cafe, I have met many, many wonderful people who have shared their experiences and expertise with us. Living Heart has grown slowly and steadily and I am now delighted to say that we have established a very strong platform from which to expand.

In the organisation we have recently been joined by more dedicated and enthusiastic people with skills that Living Heart needs on an ongoing basis. And I would like to make a special mention to all those lovely volunteers who have offered their help for varying periods of time, who have all contributed to where we are now. Thank you all so very much for your support – it has been a huge encouragement to us to continue this work that has turned into such a humanitarian effort.

A warm thank-you to all of you all over the world. Keep sending the positive thoughts and the pennies that you can spare our way!”

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Help support Living Heart and other great organisations via the Intrepid Foundation, plus find out how your donation can be matched* by Intrepid Travel!

* Donations will be matched by Intrepid Travel up to AU$5000 (or equivalent) per donor and a total of AU$400,000 each financial year.

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