Wander the world: a South America adventure awaits

View over Peru valley

South America has long been a bucket-list destination for me and in just 4 days I’ll be heading there myself for the first time. It’s so close I can literally taste the Pisco Sour.

So what’s so exciting about a holiday to South America anyway? Well, for anyone unfamiliar with this epic continent, here’s a round-up of some of the things I’m looking forward to most when I explore Peru. And if there’s some stuff that I definitely shouldn’t miss, make sure you let me know in the comments below.

1. Discovering if the ceviche at La Mar (sister restaurant to one of my favorite eateries in San Francisco) is as good as I’ve built it up to be in my imagination.

2. Taking in the epic view of Machu Picchu with my own eyes to see how it measures up versus its picture-perfect postcards.

3. Wandering the ancient streets of Cuzco, the capital of the ancient Inca empire, to experience what life is like at 11,200 feet (3,400m) above sea level.

4. Staying with a local on the intriguing floating islands of Uro on Lake Titcaca, and learn about how they build their unique homes.

5. Mixing sun, sea, sand and surf on Ipanema Beach in Rio De Janeiro and enjoying some of the best people-watching on the planet.

So now all that’s left is to get packing. And since I have a terrible habit of over-packing (you’d think nobody would need a floor-length sequined dress in the Sahara, right? Stranger things have made it into my backpack…) I have pulled together a checklist of things I definitely need to take on my Peru holiday:

Sunblock: Sure, it may be cloudy and overcast some of the time, but that’s going to make no difference. Especially at Machu Picchu when you’re at 11,200 feet – as that’s 11,200 feet closer to the sun, and surely there’s some logic there that says you’ll get burnt…??

Ear Plugs: The best thing about group travel is that you get to make new friends for life. But just in case your new best friend and roommate has an issue with snoring, pack a pair of these guys to block it out and ensure you get your beauty sleep.

Rain Jacket: Roll it up into a tiny pocket, chuck it in your bag and forget about it. Nobody ever said “dammit, I wish I didn’t have that rain jacket with me during that unexpected downpour.” It’s on the packing list. Easy.

UV Water Purifier Bottle: In just 60 seconds, you can drink fresh clean water anywhere, no tap required. It also means you won’t be buying endless amounts of bottled water and creating excess plastic waste.

Memory Foam Neck Pillow: Some people say that this is a ridiculous item to carry around the world with me on my travels. And to them I say: Man who sleeps comfortably on long haul flight enjoys more the first few days of his holiday.

If you would like a chance win a Classic Peru trip with Intrepid, why not upload a photo of yourself on your travels and show us what “well-traveled” means to you. And thanks to our partners at Herschel Supply Co, the best entry will win a trip for two to Peru*, including airfares and a Herschel Supply Travel Essentials package.

* Please note this competition is only open to residents of USA and Canada.

* Photo in Peru by Ziva Glentworth.

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Maya Markowitz - Digital Marketing Manager for Intrepid Travel USA, Maya has lived in Australia for one year and is attempting to join her colleagues in the travel century club. In her free time Maya enjoys sweating at Crossfit, snowboarding in Lake Tahoe and taking metal working/jewelry classes.

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Nothing could be more pleasurable than experiencing first hand the picture postcard scenery of Machu Pichu, the unique & delicious food in Cuzco, learning more about their culture & customs & the incredible shopping.



You need a hat, with a wide brim that goes all the way around and a SPF rated factor. Make sure the hat has a string to secure it under your chin as it is windy out on the trails. Also, if you plan to hike the Inca trail, you need telescoping walking sticks and an extra battery for your camera as most everyone ran out of charge by the 5 day and there is nowhere to charge along the trail. It was my last trip, but could always revisit!

Also in Cuzco, make sure to try the mango-trout ceviche at Greens and buy a tamale from the lady just off the square – you will see her.


Where do we upload the photo? There doesn’t seem to be a way to load a photo here. Do we do it on the Facebook post linking to this article?

Henry Rodriguez / Reply

I would love to win this fantastic trip to peru machu picchu taking this journey I am presently a widower for 10 years.



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