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indian lady“It was about midnight on a very cold winter’s night in Delhi, when we found this young man without legs sitting around a makeshift fire made of rubbish collected from the road-side”, writes Anshu Gupta, Director of GOONJ.

“Although GOONJ provides clothes largely under our Cloth for Work Initiative, on chilly nights we also carry out anonymous distributions on Delhi roads. We gave him a warm overcoat and started moving ahead. Then suddenly, I saw from my rear view mirror that this guy was trying to run after the car on his crutches. We stopped the vehicle, but before we could find out why, he stops, rests on the crutches, lifts both his hands and yells, “AB HUI HAI MERI EID” – now its Eid for me!

Eid ul Fitr… from my childhood I recall the festival to mark the end of Ramadan fasting being a synonym of good clothes. And imagine, here is this person on the footpath who knew about Eid but had no sign of that festival in his life and then suddenly an old garment, to be honest a discard of someone, added so much life…gave a meaning to someone’s Eid. This is the joy of giving, when it makes an absolute stranger happy, it makes you happy.”

That happiness is infectious and The Intrepid Foundation is thrilled to donate AU$2800 this year to the terrific work of GOONJ. In fact, The Intrepid Foundation’s volunteers and Committee of Management are excited to announce that we are distributing over AU$435,000 to community projects this year! This represents donations from Intrepid travellers in the 08-09 financial year and matching donations from Intrepid Travel. Quite an achievement in a year of financial doom and gloom and a demonstration of the generosity of many of you!

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Great Work for such an important cause!

Lot of appreciation to Goonj and Intrepid Travel Australia!

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