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egypt groupWho better to give us great tips on how to save some extra travel money than avid travellers? Intrepid Express readers have come up with clever tactics to save cash on holiday so you can still travel…

“Travel keeps me happy so naturally I am going to find a means to continue even in these tough times: This Christmas season I only purchased presents for the grandchildren and resisted doing so for the adults! Since fuel prices are down; I put money aside every time I fill the tank and put this in savings for future travel and holidays!” Dianne Dewees

“Learn to eat cheap! Going vegetarian, or close to it, is a great way to save up to 50% on your weekly food bill without changing your lifestyle. You can save even more if you join a food co-operative or grow some of your own produce.” Louise Barry

“A great saving idea is garage sales. One person’s trash is another’s treasure and we had a garage sale back in Feb 2008 and we were selling so much stuff that was just useless to us. From pots and pans to books to clocks to shoes to empty paint tins! Its amazing what some people will buy! So not only did we have a great clean out, we had enough money to fly to Phuket for a holiday if we wanted to. (We didn’t do that though! We should have!)” Luke Balcke

If you have some more ideas on how you can save extra cash for your holidays – then we’d love to share your travel tips with Express readers.

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* Photo by Jason Russell, Intrepid traveller

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