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We’ve just launched an exciting initiative for the first few months of 2014.

As part of our commitment to our travellers, Intrepid is undertaking an independent assessment of the strengths and weaknesses in our customer service and relationships. We’ll be conducting an independent and in-depth survey of the service levels we provide to you.

We’ve enlisted the consultancy ‘Investor in Customers’ to understand what we are doing well and what we need to do better.

One key component is that in early February we’ll be sending out an online customer questionnaire. If you receive an email asking for your participation in the survey…we’d really appreciate your feedback.

The questionnaire takes less than ten minutes to complete and your feedback will remain anonymous. We’ll be listening, so it’s your chance to tell us what you really think!

About the author

Ben Roseveare - Ben is UK and Europe Marketing Director for the Intrepid Group. His passion for adventure travel has led him all over the world, from the icebergs of Antarctica to the wilds of Africa. His other passion is putting customer service at the centre of everything we do!

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I have just finished a tour of Vietnam with Bao Tran who did a marvellous job of leading our group. He has a lovely quiet unassuming personality with a stunning smile. We were informed when needed of the sights and I really enjoyed our trip. After that we went on to do the Cambodian part of the trip with Fila Heng. Fila was a live wire and really seem to enjoy the snacks of rat, snake and grasshopper. He showed us the different culture and I was very impressed with Fila when we were out for tea. I put far too much lime juice on my fish dish which I found really hard to eat so he swopped his dinner for mine. What more could you ask from a guide…most appreciated! (TVSF150917 and TKSE 150926) I had never done an intrepid trip before so loved the kyaks at Halong Bay, the pillion motorbike ride in Hue the aerobics class in Ho Chi Minh City and the cooking class in Cambodia and the experience of trying tarantula and grasshopper!! Well done on making the trip fun and one to remember.


Very nice article,totally what I needed.

Hi, just sitting in our hotel room in Hanoi prior to our final ‘party’ dinner. My husband and I have had a wonderful tour of Vietnam (TVST 150726) with a varied bunch of travellers very capably led by Phuoc Tran. What a lovely man! He was unceasingly attentive to everyone’s needs, his willingness to share the highlights of his beautiful country was remarkable and his cheeky emails to Buddha certainly had the weather working in our favour!! We were even lucky enough to share some of our journey with Phu’s bright young son, who was broadening his own knowledge during his school break -great fun!! Thanks Phu & Be, all the very best to you both. Toni & Jeff Walker


Hi. Just came back from a top trip in south india. Our guide madan singh hhrs 150213 was great. Apart from being such a nice man…he was very supportive & informative.
It was only a small group of 6. Most of us got on well however there was one person mark stewart who made the trip uncomfortable as he complained about lots of things. Was a spoilt brat! Made things awkward for madan. Mark wanted everthing his way. Because things were written in lonley planet book…he wanted to see it…..for 5 seconds basically. Never listened about it just wanted to mark it off his bucket list. Painful! Even tried to stir pot with the members in our group. We & madan were very patient with him but if he puts in a feedback thats negative…please disregard it as he liked to cause trouble.
Maybe in another 5yrs time I will do another intrepid trip.
The only thing I would like to change in this tour is to not see so many temples.
I learnt alot from the trip & have alot of respect for the indians as they work very hard to get anywhere. Very friendly people.
Thanku intrepid & madan singh

margaret stonehouse / Reply

Have just come back from Vietnam with intrepid tours it was our first time for myself and partner, have travelled with them .We couldn,t fault anything our guide Ha was great he joined in with our group we were a very mixed bunch we all got along from the first day . We had a lot of laughs together. Ha told us about everything from food to their way of life customs etc . We would do another tour hoping we would get another tour guide like Ha.
I have tried to do my feed back but am having trouble



Brilliant! Glad you had such a good time. Thanks Linda – we look forward to seeing you again soon!


Was on Tour TKSE140823 Vietnam/Cambodia and finishing in Bangkok Aug 2014. Fantastic tour with our leader Fila, the man!! He was great, informative and happy to rearrange things to suit our group of 9 who may I say were great and a pleasure to meet. My first trip with Intrepid but I hope not my last, everything went smoothly and if there was a problem Fila sorted straight away. A country full of history and should not be missed.
Well done Fila you made it a great trip…don’t loose the sunglasses!!!
Sharon Towlson

Ted Clark Tony ,Pam Strang / Reply

Wonderful trip Saigon / Hanoi , late July aug. with Ha Pham he made us all comfortable and safe and got on well with everyone, also your trips seem to attract clients who are happy to go with the flow and mix well which makes you feel you got good value from the trip. TVKT1406252 trying to decide on trip no 3

elaine and vern faggotter / Reply

Thank you Intrepid for such a wonderful tour of Laos in April May 2014. Our small group was very compatable and our guide Siriat Kartarthong (Rabbit) was perfect. Her knowledgable friendly manner made our trip so enjoyable. We are planning our next trip already, so if you have any to South America please let us know.

Hi there. I am travelling in North America and spending time with our sales and marketing teams in Petaluma, California and Toronto. My personal view is that blog content should largely be left alone and be allowed to be what it is – but I just wanted to chip in quickly on a few of the comments raised.

Intrepid ‘feel’ is undoubtedly our strength and Judith is right that we must keep what is special and important as we grow. On the whole we have done this. Having personally worked in ‘adventure travel’ for 20 years now it is amazing how companies like Intrepid have grown. For me it is rewarding to know that so many more travellers now really see, understand and interact with people, cultures + landscapes … when they travel with operators like Intrepid rather than the big resort based operators. We will stay true to this ‘feel’.

The website is improving. We’ve built a lot of the functionality back in again on the new designs and platforms. Importantly we will have customer feedback live again at a trip level in the next few months. There is no better way of knowing if a tour is going to be right for you than reading the first hand feedback of our other travellers. I agree!

Heather – sorry! Not sure what happened here. Exactly the sort of feedback we want to do something about this year.

Peter – more of our travellers come from different countries compared to the early Australian focused days. It’s great that travel agents such as Flight Centre and other intermediated partners want to promote our style of travel. It’s a better way to travel. The challenge is to manage, nurture and build the partnerships carefully.

We’re listening. We will have thousands of you across the globe telling us exactly what you think this month. I can’t wait.

All the best + happy travels
Ben Roseveare (who is travelling at the moment but just sent in this feedback.)


The auther of this blog – Ben Roseveare said at the start ‘His other passion is putting customer service at the centre of everything we do! ‘

Bearing that in mind I am surprised he has not responded to the 6 of the 9 replies that I considered needed a response from his company.

Quick personal follow up from me. Our detailed customer questionnaires go out to all regions and segments of our business next week.
I am excited about the feedback that we will get – both good and bad.
I believe that it will help us change and improve where we need to.

I have always personally believed that blog content should be relatively free from company (corporate) communications.

But in this case I think you are right so I’ll get a response on there.

I trust all is well with you and we’ll make sure we include you in the ‘investor in customers’ questionnaire.

Best regards



I have participated in intrepid trips to Spain, Turkey, India and East to West coast of USA. Of these, the first three ‘felt’ like an intrepid trip but the USA one, despite a very good guide, did not. I feel like things are getting too commercially big and the essence of Intrepid is moving to be more like other company trips, which is a shame.

Intrepid’s ‘feel’ is it’s strength, it is what has motivated me to choose Intrepid. I especially liked the less usual experiences provided along with the must do ones, also the rigor of guides not accepting commissions and knowing that I would not be ripped off on shopping expeditions, for authentic meals etc. different, real, good value and special. Don’t lose this! don’t get too big and greedy. If you lose what makes you special you may lose customers.

I too preferred the earlier website as it was easier to quickly find what I am looking for. Less frustrating. I actually emailed that feedback when the newer version appeared.


I would love to tell you about my intrepid travelling experience, but I couldn’t get on the tour. The Intrepid consultant spent a lot of energy telling me why missing the booking deadline (by half a day) made it too hard to book, instead of attempting to find ways to make it happen.
Please, if you put book by dates on your web site, make it clear that the booking has to occur before the, not close of business of the date.


Have not traveled with you – all my trips have been done solo – doesn’t mean I’m not interested but I’ll bet that I might not be a welcome addition as I am 81 – still maybe. Earlier this years did a transatlantic (my 6th)to Barcelona with my step-daughter. I will willing take a survey though. Thanks


I’ve done one trip so far with you guys and had the time of my life! 🙂 I’d gladly fill out the survey; send it to me when ready!


I have gone on more than 30 adventure trips, five with Intrepid but they only show I have done one even though I went on a trip in 2012 that was after the trip that they do show. They have lost their way with the customer. Selling their trips through other companies that don’t care either is not the way to go. Intrepid has good trips at low prices and should promote their trips with their data base of previous customers and offer discounts to them instead of commissions to other companies.


Love the ‘Intrepid’ way of travel. Have done SE Asia and India with them.
My only 2 real gripes are:
iNTREPIDS inability to answer my queries on upcoming trip, by not answering emails.
Maybe me, but I am unable to find any real reviews on Intrepid Trips. Perhaps there should be a place on their website for people to post reviews so we can all get a, hopefully, balanced view.


Will happily complete survey- have done 32 trips with Intrepid…so far! Love Intrepid!!
Send it to me when it’s ready.

Lorraine Thornley / Reply

I love travelling with Intrepid so much i have done 9/10 trips with you, however the website changed some time back and i now find it very hard to work with. I spoke with my travel agent about this problem and she agreed with me completly. Can we PLEASE get back to the way it was.


hi there, just got back from Thailand family trip. we were the only family which was disappointing. we loved moving around to different places, but we were disappointed that the guide could only mainly point out the markets and shopping centres. Unfortunately we didn’t click with the guide and particularly didn’t appreciate her tone of voice when we did something wrong (my kids just closed down from her). in the end we just did our own thing and she was really just someone who organised the transport and timing. LOVED the holiday regardless but really it could have been something we could have done on our own. I had done two previous intrepid trips, one way back in the early days, and that’s why we chose to go with you guys; however, I don’t know that I would again. Keep up the good work though!

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