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backpackingIf your idea of good holiday reading is picking up a book that you can’t put down, then you might want to grab this recommendation from Express reader Penny Nikotin with two hands – The Year We Seized The day, by Elizabeth Best and Colin Bowles…

“Ever dreamed of undertaking a pilgrimage from the comfort of your own lounge chair? Well here’s your chance, as two Aussies embark on an epic 1000km (620 mile) journey by foot across the roof of Spain. The Camino Trail sees the authors pushed to their physical and emotional limits, burning hiking boot rubber and boasting oozing blisters to rival volcanic lava pools.

Written by each separate author in alternating chapters, the story weaves through majestic scenery and events seen from two different perspectives housed within two highly conflicting states of mind. As the physically ‘weak’ Eli powers onwards with an optimistic never-say-die attitude, we see the ‘strong’ Colin disintegrate into an aggressive and often frightening pile of tormenting thoughts and churning emotions. Eli lives for the moment, inspired by future goals; Colin remains a slave to the past, regret weighing on him like a backpack crammed with bowling balls. Their quest for redemption begins as mere physical challenge, surprising them both with its spiritual and emotional depth by the end.”

If you have a book that has inspired you to travel or simply makes for great reading while on the road, please email as we’d love to hear your recommendation for a great backpack book to read whilst on your holiday!

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Hi all at Intrepid Travel,

Sending a quick thank you from Colin and I for the excellent review!
We’re so glad Penny enjoyed the book and hope other Intrepid Travelers will find it equally entertaining.

To let you know, a shiny new edition of The Year We Seized the Day, will be hitting the shelves next month to kick-start the new year.

Thanks again. Enjoy the festive season and all the best for future adventures.

Elizabeth Best (and Colin Bowles)

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