The Madiba legacy


Dear Tata Mandela,

You being in this world has given us love, freedom and wisdom. Precious gifts for which we cannot thank you enough.

You have given us wisdom to know that anything is possible when we put effort into it, wisdom that being black, white, Indian, coloured or any other race is a luxury South Africans can embrace (a Nation of Colour). Wisdom that everyone from all aspects of life have equal opportunities and that from now on it is our responsibility to continue your legacy.

Our special gratitude for all that you have done for us throughout your life and for making one of the ultimate sacrifices – that of self sacrifice for the sake of others.

We see your legacy everywhere we go and what a beautiful thing it is to behold.

We think of you, Madiba, and what you have fought so hard for, have spent so many years in prison for and once released what you have accomplished through peace, forgiveness and tolerance. For the change you have brought upon this beautiful country we call our home.

You have taught us what the spirit of Ubuntu means – humanity to others. That we are all equal and that we can live in harmony with each other. When people young and old laugh together, go to school together, work together, play together and live together. We see this when best friends support each other through the best and worst of times, even though they are from different races, when people value each other for their spirits, not their faces.

You have told us how important it is to give to others less fortunate and why then on Mandela Day we all take 67 minutes to dedicate to social care projects and then continue this throughout the year, uplifting our communities. No one is above the other and together we can build our future, because if we stand divided we will fall unitedly.

We embrace the spirit of Africa today because of you, we embrace the spirit of togetherness and unity globally for you, our world icon.

Not only have you taught us Ubuntu, but you instilled the spirit of what it actually means within us, a destiny of hope and love and togetherness that we as South Africans cannot escape. We are building our future as a great nation on the building blocks that you have laid down for us.

We may sing every prayer in every language, send you the warmest well wishes but the truth is when your time comes to pass on, we as your children, brothers and comrades can only behold your spirit and legacy and continue on.

We love and appreciate you and will always celebrate your life, your sacrifice, your forgiving heart and your will to bring a nation together.

We wish you well Tata Mandela – the life and legacy that is Madiba will continue on forever.

These heartfelt thoughts are from the Intrepid Bundu team in South Africa and are shared by the Intrepid community. This personal tribute was written in June 2013, at a time when Nelson Mandela’s health was deteriorating. We are now saddened that Madiba has died, aged 95. This great man, who led South Africa out of its apartheid era, has not only been the face of a nation, but the face of humanity around the world. Rest In Peace Tata Mandela.

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