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deepalaya project indiaIntrepid travellers are a generous lot! We know that through your travel experiences you are often moved to give back to local communities via donations to The Intrepid Foundation. So much so that Intrepid travellers have helped us raise and distribute over AU$2.2 million in the last 8 years to more than 50 terrific organisations.

“While precise statistics are not available, our research confirms that today thousands of tourism companies are, together with travellers, generating tens of millions of dollars in development assistance that is flowing into community and conservation projects in tourism destinations around the globe,” states Dr Martha Honey, Co-Director of CREST – the US based Centre for Responsible Travel. Supporting this phenomenon, CREST has released the Travellers’ Philanthropy Handbook – the first comprehensive look at travel industry ‘give back’ programs.

The writers, including prominent leaders in responsible tourism, examine the origin, history and growth of travellers’ philanthropy; a wide range of models and key challenges; lessons learned and best practices. The 250 page Handbook contains original essays, case studies and surveys by some 30 experts, including 2 chapters by Intrepid’s Responsible Travel Manager, Jane Crouch.

CREST is also hosting the 3rd International Travellers’ Philanthropy Conference, in Costa Rica, July 20-23, 2011, together with the Monteverde Institute, an educational centre dedicated to study abroad, applied research and community engagement. The conference commences in San Jose and on day 2, moves to Monteverde, a mountain top community which has worked hard to maintain the balance between the rapid growth of tourism and its concern for conservation and sustainability. Workshop topics include discussions of voluntourism, why travellers become donors, successful models and latest trends in consumer and industry demand for travellers’ philanthropy.

The Handbook is available for FREE, in downloadable format, at the CREST website, where it can also be purchased in CD-Rom and book format.

Details of the 3rd International Travellers’ Philanthropy Conference are available here and you can give back to local communities through The Intrepid Foundation.

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