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colosseum rome italyThe Eternal City of Rome is also known as the City of Love, and no wonder when you think of how easy it is to get swept up in the passion of the place that has been the scene of so many iconic love stories. Intrepid Express reader Lisa Valentine is a romantic by nature and not only by name, but even this great city left a much greater impression than she anticipated…

“I would have to say that my most memorable city encounter, by far was when my husband and I were in our honeymoon in Italy. On our third day in Rome we decided to visit the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.

Our hotel was on the Vatican City side of town, so we had to take the subway train to get to that part of town. It was a very humid day, we weren’t exactly sure where we were going, though it wasn’t hard to find and we were very exhausted from a combination of jet-lag, post-wedding craziness and two previous days full of sight-seeing. We got off the subway stop only knowing that the Colosseum was somewhere nearby, unaware that when we walked out of the subway stop there it would be in all its glory larger than one could ever possibly imagine.

In that very moment among the crowd of passers-by who probably saw this gorgeous piece of history on a daily basis taking it for granted, being the tired, jet-lagged and somewhat grumpy tourist that I was, I literally started to cry, in awe of the fact that I was standing in front of such historic beauty that some people will only imagine seeing in their lifetime. It was as though I was the only person there, staring up at the huge walls of brick. Both of us stood there for what must have been five minutes or more, just speechless. It just took my breath away! It was definitely the highlight of our trip and I love telling the story (even more in-depth) to friends and family. I actually get teary-eyed every time I get to talk about it!”

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* photo by Hacon Edgley – Intrepid Photography Competition

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