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Join the handmade movement and enter to win* sustainable artisan goods from around the world.

Across the world, the best things come from real people. Whether you’re hiking with a guide along the Inca Trail to the lost city of Machu Picchu or learning to weave alpacca in a Quechua village, the best things in the world are personal.

Since Intrepid began in 1989, keeping it real has tied in with our mission to ensure we benefit local people as widely as we can with our patronage. We partner with local guides, drivers and hoteliers who infuse each traveler’s experience with cultural knowledge, authenticity and great service. And because we love working with organisations who share our passion for supporting local communities, we’ve teamed up with GlobeIn, a social enterprise helping artisans from remote regions sell their work online.

It’s hard to believe in this era of the modern, globalized economy, that the majority of the planet’s citizens work for themselves or as part of a small business or labor cooperative. Artisan craftspeople, be they in the Andes of Peru or the Tien Shen Mountains of Kyrgyzstan, represent hundreds of millions of working people across the globe. Like our guides, drivers and other local service providers, artisans use their special skills and timeless cultural knowledge to bring beauty into the world. Many support families on the money they earn. And still more, many of them women, enjoy an extra source of income which gives them empowerment and status within their families and their local communities.

Thanks to GlobeIn, we’re excited to give our USA readers the opportunity to WIN a free three-month subscription to their Artisan Gift Box.

GlobeIn Artisan BoxThe Artisan Box is a monthly collection of curated crafts from GlobeIn artisans around the world. It’s like Birchbox with handmade goods: real things made by real people for a social purpose. GlobeIn Artisans receive 100% of their asking price for each of their items, and GlobeIn reinvests an additional 10% in the country of origin. By entering to win, you’re taking a stand for a better world where more people earn a respectable income, and share something of their country and culture by doing what they love.

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Authentic travel is a handmade experience. Thanks for helping to build the global economy, and good luck!

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