stop with the scare campaign Mr Abbott…

kings canyon central australiaHow we address the issue of climate change in Australia and who pays is a hot topic right now, but enough with the carbon tax scare tactics! There are many reasons for Australian businesses to support action on climate change. Intrepid Travel has been ‘taxing’ our customers by including the cost of carbon offsetting into the cost of our trips (on average only 34 cents per passenger per day) for the last three years and guess what? The sky hasn’t fallen in! It’s had no negative impact on our sales and has meant we’ve been able to fulfil the expectations of our travellers – we surveyed them and over 94% said they expect us to take action on climate change.

Unfortunately, businesses are free to use the Earth’s atmosphere as a dumping ground for the carbon emissions created by their daily activities. As a result, we are facing a real threat of climate change. Whether it be a carbon tax, a CPRS or ETS, we need to put a price on pollution to provide an incentive for the corporate sector to minimize its footprint. Long term sustainability of our planet should be the aim and focus here, not short term economic impacts.

Intrepid Travel welcomes a price on carbon and we hope our fellow Australian businesses will also voice their support for a mechanism that supports action on Climate Change – it is well and truly time!

Darrell Wade and Geoff Manchester
Co-founders, Intrepid Travel
Fitzroy, Victoria

PS. Say Yes Rallies are being held around Australia this Sunday 5 June, so stand up this World Environment Day and say YES to action on climate change and YES to a price on pollution!

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Hi Valerie,
Thanks for your comment and you’re right to hold governments and companies accountable when it comes to making carbon neutral claims. Intrepid is proud to be totally transparent and we actually chose to be externally audited to ensure we openly and honestly practice what we preach. You can read more about where our carbon offset funds are spent on an earlier blog post Our website also provides more info about Intrepid’s carbon management plan and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like further clarification as we are always happy to provide this detailed information.
Thanks and best wishes, Sue, intrepid Express Editor.'
Jane McDonald / Reply

Good on you Intrepid for demonstrating the courage of your convictions. I too support YES for real action on climate change. And YES to a price on carbon. if we don’t value our environment and bring money into protecting it, we’re down the gurgler. Bring it on, and soon!!!!

okay, so you charge us a carbon tax on the trips we take BUT WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THE MONEY.
Government and companies like yourself spruke about the good they are doing BUT what exactly are you doing with the CASH.

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