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child wise stop sex traffickingChild sex trafficking is a global phenomenon that effects every country. A recent study funded by The Intrepid Foundation was conducted by Child Wise (in Australia) in partnership with The Body Shop as part of their global ‘Stop Sex Trafficking of Children & Young People’ campaign. The three year campaign promotes greater community awareness on the issue of child sex tourism, which in turn feeds the international demand for child sex trafficking.

The report is based on results from a survey of 18,000 Australians. The most notable findings of the ‘Community Attitudes on Sex Trafficking of Children & Young People Survey Report’ conducted nationally in 2009 were that while 93% of people surveyed said that they were significantly concerned about child sex trafficking, 69% of people did not know what to do if they became aware of a child being sexually exploited overseas.

These findings have revealed the dire need for the Australian Federal Government to take further action to educate the Australian community on how to report suspicions or concerns about child sex offenders who travel overseas to exploit children sexually.

Based on this survey report, Child Wise are encouraging the Australian community to sign a national petition in The Body Shop stores and online , which will be used to lobby the Australian Federal Government.

In other countries you can voice your objection to child trafficking by signing a Body Shop / ECPAT petition. Plus globally we can all raise your hands against sex trafficking by signing the Body Shop Facebook petition.

As part of the second year of the ‘Stop Sex Trafficking of Children & Young People’ campaign, Srey Neth, a Cambodian survivor of child sex trafficking visited Australia to share her story. Srey Neth lives and works as a yoga teacher at the Transitional Living Centre for Girl Survivors of Sex Trafficking in Phnom Penh. Through funds from the first year of the campaign, Child Wise have supported Srey Neth and other Cambodian children who are vulnerable to or have been affected by commercial sexual exploitation.

How to report child abuse – advice from Child Wise
Find information about child sexual abuse and guidance on what you can report and where you can report to.

The Intrepid Foundation – travellers making a difference
Help support Child Wise and other great organisations via the Intrepid Foundation, plus find out how your donation can be matched* by Intrepid Travel!

* Donations will be matched by Intrepid Travel up to AU$5000 (or equivalent) per donor and a total of AU$400,000 each financial year.

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Hi Jason,
Thanks for your comment and request for more info – this link to the Child Wise website gives practical advice about what to do if you suspect a case of child abuse
I have also added it into the copy of the article so it’s easy for readers to find this information.
thanks and best wishes,
Sue, Intrepid Express Editor'


It would be nice if there was a link to some information about what to do in this case. We are travellers, after all; we may encounter such child victims, and want to do something more than just sign a petition in our home countries.

I have emailed Susan the full Child Wise survey – and if any one else would like a copy please don’t hesitate to email and I will be happy to send a pdf doc to you.
Best wishes, Sue, Intrepid Express editor'

I would very much like to read the finnished study, was it published or are you able to forward a copy onto me?

Add my name to the petition to stop Sex Trafficing please.
My Name:- Neville Bulling, New Zealand.'

How sad it is that there are so many vulnerable children in the world. We cherish and protect our own children in Australia; in many cases we over-protect them perhaps,holding back their independence and decision-making. But we feel so helpless to safeguard these other children in any way.

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