Serious eating on a Singapore holiday

Good luck food charm in Singapore

Eating is a national pastime in Singapore. The local passion for culture and cuisine make it a food-lover’s paradise and Nova Oldfield savoured every mouthful of her Singapore holiday

“Singaporeans take their food very seriously and there are so many fantastic places to eat; from crowded markets to five-star hotel luxury. However, one day on my holiday I stumbled across a local wet market that had a food market attached. Even at 7am it was crowded and I was the only out-of-towner in sight. I must have spent half an hour circling all the stalls, fascinated by the sights and smells, guessing at unfamiliar ingredients and watching the high-speed cooking.

After great deliberation, I ordered, utilising much hand waving and pointing. With just a short wait, a huge steaming bowl arrived at my table, filled to the brim with noodles, beef, prawns, greens, bamboo and a rich, almost glutinous, meaty soup. It was the best meal I had in Singapore: the meat was perfectly tender, the greens al dente and the flavour of the soup beggars description. It was so huge I didn’t think I could finish it, but it was so good I couldn’t stop.

Some locals sat with me at my table. Conversation was limited, but they were fascinated that I could use chopsticks and clearly appreciated my enjoyment.

The meal was so good, I visited the market several times more during my stay. I tried a different stall each time and the food was universally excellent. It was the discovery of my holiday and I am determined to return!”

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* photo by Lam Khin Thet – Intrepid Photography Competition

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I loved the food in Singapore. The first time I visited there, I was a bit bored but on subsequent trips I really got into the cuisine – especially the chicken rice!

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