Sensational Himalayan sunrise

prayer flags flying in the air in nepal

When Nelle Edwards trekked to Everest Base Camp, she expected to be taken aback by the incredible scenery, but it was the whole experience of being there that took her breath away…

“From standing on top of Mount Kinabalu in Sabah at sunrise, completely breathtaken by the beauty and magic of the wondrous colours in the dawn lit sky, to driving through Spain under the brightest light of a full moon, creating mysterious shadowy patterns on the rocky slopes of the surrounding valleys – I am fortunate to say that most of my outdoor experiences are very memorable.

However, should I be required to choose one I can easily say it is Tengboche Monastery in Nepal, at an elevation of 3,840 metres (12,600 feet). This is a place beyond special.

The beauty of the landscape, with the icy peaked mountains framed in the background, standing so tall and proud, combined with the monks walking around in their glorious robes, so humble and peaceful, it is a feast for the senses.

Looking through the lens of my camera, focusing on Everest and Lohtse, with the Nuptse Wall and a cloudless bluer-than-blue sky to make the perfect picture, it occurred to me that it was not the photo I was about to take that was perfect, it was the experience.

The whole experience is what makes it so precious. It is not just the physical presence of these silent giants that make for such a wonderful experience, it’s everything else that comes with it. Just like standing on top of the mountain at sunrise, seeing colours paint a sky so beautiful you cannot tear your eyes away from the spectacle, as you may just never see a sunrise that beautiful ever again!”

Have you ever witnessed sunrise in the Himalayas, or somewhere else where a beautiful start to the day took your breath away?

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