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spanish toreadorWhen considering supporting local events such a the Pamplona running of the bulls or bullfighting in Catalonia, as with most animal welfare matters Intrepid Travel has chosen to side with the experts at the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).

While we appreciate that events such as Pamplona’s famous bull run are steeped in tradition, it doesn’t detract from the fact that bulls are forced to run en masse down cobbled streets, which causes significant stress and risks serious injury to both the bulls and the people attending. Many of WSPA’s member societies in Spain, France and Portugal are working hard to get this cruel practice banned.

WSPA is also working with an alliance of European animal welfare groups to get EU subsidies for the bullfighting industry discontinued. Furthermore, similar issues are being addressed by WSPA’s member societies in Latin America, where they are campaigning against the bullfights and bull festivals that take place in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela.

Intrepid and WSPA urge you not to attend any bullfights or bull events around the world, as tourism is often what keeps this cruel industry alive. For more information on WSPA’s work on Bullfighting please visit the WSPA International website at

The Intrepid Foundation – please visit our website to find out more about partner beneficiaries such as WSPA and the community projects supported by Intrepid travellers.

* photo by Wendy Chan – Intrepid Photography Competition

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Good on you Intrepid for actively not supporting a very cruel event that raises serious questions around animal welfare.
If only such travel shows as Getaway would stop showcasing these events as must sees…

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