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delicate arch utahFrom the imposing granite cliff of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park to the infamous ‘Rock’ of Alcatraz Island, the United States rocks! And Intrepid Express reader Carla Weston can vouch for that, after a special dinner surrounded by sandstone that was shaped over thousands and thousands of years…

“I recently enjoyed an amazing Intrepid trip in the United States and one of my favourite moments was our sunset experience at Delicate Arch in Arches National Park, Utah. We were camping in Moab (a nearby town), when our leader suggested we plan a picnic to a special spot. Of course we were all keen to join in, so prepared our picnic supplies and drove to the National Park.

From here we hiked for about 45 minutes, across giant boulders and rock formations. The sun was going down and the stone was illuminated in a glorious glow of pink. It was not until we rounded the final corner that we saw the arch – a perfectly formed, stone arch standing precariously on its own and framing the mountains in the background.

Delicate Arch is the backdrop of a natural amphitheatre and made the ideal place to enjoy our picnic and watch the light show, courtesy of the setting sun. While there were other visitors around, there was plenty of room to claim as our own and we were the only people enjoying our dinner at the same time.

As the sun moved closer to the horizon the arch changed colours until it faded into the background. That was our cue to pack up and head back down the trail to our minibus. While our itinerary did mention we would see Arches National Park, seeing it in this way was a complete surprise. It’s possible to see the sights where ever you go, but when you get to enjoy the sights in a different way to the crowds, that is a real experience!”

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