riding from alaska to argentina

forbidden city beijing chinaIn June 2011, Campbell Price and Jock Blakeney embarked on the adventure theyve always dreamed about, but this is not what you’d call a classic journey! They have set out to ride their motorbikes from Prudhoe Bay, in Arctic Alaska, all the way south through the Americas to Ushuaia, in southern Argentina, and to the edge of the Antarctic Ocean. That’s over 35,000km (21,750 miles)! Campbell tells us how they are travelling so far and why this trip will make a difference…

“Now over 20,000 kms (12,500 miles) into our journey, Jock and I have braved polar bears and frostbite to bathe in the Arctic Ocean, sailed with our bikes through the San Blas Islands around the infamous Darien Gap and crossed the equator. We are only days away from making it to Peru and are eagerly anticipating our visit to Escuela Wiñaypaq to check out its new location and to see first-hand the invaluable work that the Intrepid Foundation is doing in the region.

Jock and I have both travelled extensively throughout the world and have been touched by the generosity and gracious hospitality of the people we have visited (often in less fortunate communities). So this time we decided we wanted to give something back by fundraising for a grassroots project in one of the communities that we will be travelling through.

We have chosen to partner with the Intrepid Foundation for our fundraising efforts, as we feel that the Foundation’s work best matches our ideals for giving back to a deserving community. The specific project that we will be fundraising to support is the rebuilding of the Escuela Wiñaypaq (Wiñaypaq School) in Peru, which was destroyed by devastating floods in 2010. Through the Ride Right Down project, our aim is to raise the funds required to finish off the construction and get the school fully operational again!”

The Intrepid Foundation – travellers making a difference
Help support Escuela Wiñaypaq and other great projects via the Intrepid Foundation, plus find out how your donation can be matched* by Intrepid Travel!

* Donations will be matched by Intrepid Travel up to AU$5000 (or equivalent) per donor and a total of AU$400,000 each financial year.

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Hi, I loved reading about your trip. What a fantastic adventure. Bravo! (Of course, I wish your bikes were Harleys, which is what I ride, but I understand your wise and pragmatic choice. Having read “Mi Moto Fidel,” about a journalist’s ride across Cuba, I know why he ultmately decided not to go with a Harley, though it had been his first choice). I look forward to reading your book! Good luck and stay safe.

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