proof that travel increases your sex appeal

intrepid group in franceA recent survey of single Aussies reveals that travel makes you more attractive. The Intrepid Travel poll of more than 880 singles on found that over half (55%) of respondents thought having travel listed on a potential mate’s profile makes them more attractive.

“The attitudes of singles show that a bi-product of travel is that it adds to your sex appeal,” said Jo Stewart, Intrepid Travel Spokesperson. “Travellers are generally considered curious about the world, open minded and adventurous – all of which are attractive qualities.”

Daring travellers appear to be the most alluring, with 23% of respondents nominating adventure seekers as the most attractive, followed closely by the off-the-beaten track traveller (22%) and then the cultural connoisseur (16%).

Further to this, an incredible 96% of respondents interested in travel are also looking for someone who has a passion for seeing the world.

“We know that when looking for a partner, shared interests and lifestyle goals are very important,” said Melanie Dudgeon, RSVP Spokesperson. “Many singles hope to travel and explore the world with a partner and this is why a common interest in travel is important to such a large majority. Our Travel Bug group is one of RSVP’s largest as it helps 25,000 like-minded travel lovers connect online.”

It’s no surprise that other singles are the preferred travel partner for 59% of single respondents.

“Travelling in a small group with other single people is often preferred because it’s more likely the people in the group will be interested in the same types of activities and it’s a great way to meet new people,” said Jo Stewart of Intrepid Travel.

Almost half of singles surveyed (49%) admitted to having had a holiday romance. Furthermore, 72% of respondents said they think of meeting someone special while travelling.

When asked to choose from a list of ultimate travel first dates, a picnic in Tuscany ranked highest (26%) with a classic day of sightseeing in Paris the second choice (19%).

To celebrate single people’s love of travel, Intrepid Travel is offering two ‘singles-only’ trips. The Active Thailand trip features cycling, hiking and kayaking and will appeal to fit travellers with a sense of adventure. Since Europe was voted by single travellers as the most interesting destination to appear on people’s travel profiles (44%), the Barcelona to Rome trip is the perfect trip for romance. Departing on 27th April 2013, the group of intrepid singles will stroll along Las Ramblas in the heart of Barcelona, soak up the glamour of the French Riviera, walk the breathtaking Cinque Terre and admire the architecture in beautiful Siena.

Active Thailand
12 days ex Bangkok Departing 13 October 2012

Barcelona to Rome
15 days ex Barcelona Departing 27 April 2013

For more information and reservations on these exciting new trips please contact Intrepid Special groups at

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I certainly wouldn’t date a person that didn’t love traveling. Not wanting to explore is a huge turn off.

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