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luke and louise in peruFew of us probably set off on an adventure expecting to meet our soul mate. But when Intrepid’s Nic Everett travelled on holiday to Peru, it became obvious that his best buddy was suddenly on a journey of the heart…

“Before the fun of having kids took over my life and put a temporary halt to my travel addiction, I jumped at the chance head off to South America on holiday with my good friend Luke ‘Pedro’ Bakey. What better opportunity to use up some frequent flyer points than explore Peru for a couple of weeks I thought. A quick word to the lovely wife and my leave (pass) was approved. Woo hoo, Peru in Depth here I come – Lima, Lake Titicaca, Cuzco, the amazing Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and the Amazon Jungle.

A few drinks on night one in Lima and it quickly became apparent our little group of 8 had just the two singles, my good mate Pedro and the lovely Louise from the UK.

Luke confided in me early in the trip that he was quite keen on Louise. Some friendly banter at ‘Mama’s house’ (our host family) on Lake Titicaca, some flirting over a Pisco Sour in Cuzco, but it wasn’t until day 7 of the trip on the Inca Trail that sparks began to fly. Things went well for the happy couple for the remainder of our Intrepid holiday trip and they decided they weren’t ready to say ‘adios’ just yet.

A few short days in Sydney together as Louise passed through Australia on her way back to the UK and it was enough to convince our young lovers this wasn’t a holiday fling. Louise returned to the UK and within months was back on our shores having arranged a sponsorship from her company to move to Sydney.

Here we are two years on and I’m pleased to report that Luke’s proposal on Sydney’s Palm Beach was accepted and we’ve got a couple of very happy Intrepid travellers now planning their honeymoon holiday!”

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Nicki, Dylan, Owen & Ben / Reply

Congratulations Louise and Luke. Lyn keeps me informed and updates me on the plans. We hope you will be very happy and enjoy life in Oz! xxxx

Thanks for a lovely story Nic. Louise and I are very grateful and fine tuning the wedding plans. It is now booked for March 2011 in Hamiliton Island followed by an intrepid trip through Africa !! Looking forward to many more great adventures 🙂'

Like mother like daughter. I too found the love of my life on holiday in Oz 40 years ago. I hope Louise and Luke will be as happy as we have been.

How absolutely lovely, but it made me feel like crying. How I wish that would happen to me, every trip I go on is full of couples or single women, guess I just have to keep on traveling, fingers crossed 🙂'

a good friend of mine also found his wife on the Peru inca trail. Must be a magical meeting place.'

What wonderful story – here’s wishing them happiness for all the years ahead.

What a beautiful story. Good luck Luke and Louise!'

I too found my soulmate in Peru – 10 years ago. Only problem was that he lived in Sheffield and I on the south coast. However, we were together for eight years but due to family (both of us are grandparents) we could make the commitment to leave either of our homes.
We no longer see each other regularly but are still good friends.
Peru still holds the most magical place in my heart and I am just reading Inca Cola by Matthew Parris and it is all coming back to me – I’ll just have to visit again.
Thank you for writing this story, it has brought back so many very happy memories for me.

I also think of the poor people suffering from the flooding and my heart goes out to them all.

How sweet!'

What a lovely story! I often think travelling is one of the best ways to meet like-minded people, whether they turn out to be friends or something more in the long run… Unfortunately for me, all 3 of the guys on my trip were gay, but hey-ho – there’s always my next holiday 🙂

Aw bless, doesn’t this story warm the cockles of your heart x

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