no carbon whitewash for Intrepid

elephant washing in thailandIn December 2006 Intrepid made a bold statement announcing our intention to become a carbon neutral company within 4 years. It was a long and winding road to achieve this gutsy move, during some of the most challenging global economic times. However, the hard work paid off and we proudly announced at the end of 2010 that we achieved this goal!

We have a firm Carbon Management Plan in place, with key principles to which we must adhere. We measure how we contribute to global warming; avoid where possible; and what we cannot avoid we reduce. Then where we cannot avoid or reduce, we purchase carbon offsets.

Take one of our trips for example – we measure the amount of accommodation, transportation and waste from that trip. We reduce these impacting factors where possible, by using more environmentally-friendly modes of transport or ensuring local hotels have a recycling programme etc, and where we can’t avoid emissions – we carbon offset. The purchased offsets go into one of our renewable projects.

For more information on our approach to tackling climate change, and our current projects, please click here.

When you travel with Intrepid, you can help support our commitment and reduce your carbon footprint even further, by choosing to carbon offset your flights at time of booking.

* photo by Debra Morley – Intrepid Photography Competition

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