nepal sands of silence

trisuli river nepalNamaste Nepal. This is a country where peace is a way of life and where priorities become clear, as Intrepid Express reader Lindsey Carroll discovered…

“As we rafted down the river that had been cutting through Nepal for centuries, amazed at the vegetation that was somehow suspended over the river, we came to a stop. The day’s end was approaching and it was time to make camp on the bank of the river. Tents were pitched and we sat around the fire pit telling stories and eating yak cheese sandwiches.

I was younger at the time and threw caution to the wind and decided to venture out beyond camp. I walked for a bit, not too long, over the rocks that line the shoal. All of a sudden, as if out of nowhere, appeared a perfect, unspoiled, golden, powdery, beach. It was a small beach, but it embodied the very essence of private. Hollywood stars would have been jealous to get their hands on this little slice of heaven.

I settled into the sand for some relaxation. The sand was so soft that you didn’t need a beach towel or sun chair. The sun began to set behind the trees and across the river. It was like I had my own private seat to witness this splendour. It was as if all other sunsets had been dull, colorless, and without emotion until the rays of this one hit my face. The magnificent sunset was made even more special by this beach that seemed to have been created at the dawn of time and then forgotten by the rest of the world.

As the sun began to glow its most bold golden, orange, red, and various other indescribable colors right before it sank too low in the sky to see, I had a thought. I pondered my life and how I live it. I began to realize that big things seemed small and insignificant. And I began to see that happiness can be found in the simplest of things and not through material items that seemed to be valued so much back in the States. It was at that time, on the my own beach, with my own sunset, that I was truly happy.

I wrote my name in the sand before I left and couldn’t help but think that one day, maybe millions of years from now, another person might find my beach and be at peace too. The next morning when we pushed off from the shore and continued down the river, I spotted my beach with my name and smiled.”

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* photo by Julia Peirano – Intrepid Photography Competition

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